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This weeks bakes

 A few of months ago I had bought some Sugar and crumbs icing at the cake and bake show in Manchester and wanted to test it out.  I decided to take them into work for the hard working ladies ( and gents) on the front desk in Old Swan Walk in center because who doesn’t enjoy a cupcake, plus they were then able to give me a true opinion of the cakes and icing.

I usually have my family taste test my baking creations but I wanted a few independent views.

After trying them in work someone asked if I sell them, I said that it is really only a hobby but one lovely lady asked if I would bake some cupcakes for a her husbands 60th so that they could take them to on holiday with them, so I agreed. She asked for 3 different flavors, salted caramel, lemon and chocolate.

If only I’d known then how hot it would be now! England has only a few hot days a year but this year its boiling and butter cream isn’t the best in hot weather.

So on Thursday evening I baked 18 cupcakes for Jackie:-

6 Sicilian lemon cupcakes and then iced them with sugar and crumbs lemon drizzle butter cream icing, and decorated with a jelly lemon slice.

6 Vanilla cupcakes iced with Sugar and crumbs salted caramel butter cream icing, then drizzled with salted caramel sauce.

wpid-imag1022.jpg wpid-imag1021.jpg wpid-imag1059.jpg

and finally

6 Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream icing and sprinkled with white chocolate stars.

wpid-imag1039.jpg wpid-imag1040.jpg

As you can see I took pictures of the chocolate cupcakes in the box but forgot to get pictures of the lemon and salted caramel.

I baked more than 6 of each and gave a few of the salted caramel to my auntie as they are her favorites  I have a few leftover cakes and some butter creams still to decorate them to take to some other family members ( if anyone wants them)

wpid-imag1055.jpg wpid-imag1054.jpg wpid-imag1051.jpg

The pictures above show 3 of the spare cakes, the 1st is lemon but I didn’t have time to pipe it properly so just put some on and forked it. The chocolate is just basically piped and the caramel is piped with a caramel drizzle.

C and Dan ate some plain vanilla cakes as well as some of the lemon cakes earlier as I’d made extra to check size and mixture amounts.

They seemed to enjoy them.


I’ll put the recipes into a different post when I have my broken laptop back.
They are really simple basic sponge cake recipes though.

Have you bakes anything thing week?

Saturday morning baking

I was recently asked by a work colleague if I would make some cupcakes for her son’s wedding for the kids (and big kids) to enjoy.
She asked me to make 2 dozen in what ever flavours and colours I would like to use. We’ve been talking about the wedding in work so I knew that the wedding colours were cream and lavender and she asked if I could put something wedding-y on the top that would be great.

So after my friday evening shift in work I went to Asda and bought some essentials for baking then came home and got stuck in. Baking in my hobby and helps me relax and unwind so although to some turning the oven on and getting out the ingredients at 11pm might seem mad but to me it’s just a calming way to relax before bed, and by 1am they were finished. Continue reading

Degusta box – unboxing!

A few days ago I saw an advert on Facebook for Degusta boxes. They were on offer for half price so I thought that I would order one to see what they were like.

Their webpage is very easy to navigate and gives you the option to buy as a gift as well. I decided to buy one for myself to try as it was such a good deal and its no commitment as long as you cancel before the 10th of the month.

Degusta box use DPD for delivery which allow you to track your delivery, so prevents you having to wait in all day, which when you have a toddler and busy life makes things so much easier.

This is my box when it arrived
degusta box

I couldnt wait to open it…so I did!
Here are the pictures of the opening process.

Frigile Degusta box degusta box degusta box degusta box

I love this sticker ” open me, eat me …enjoy me!”
and I fiannly got to the selection of goodies!


Here is what I got in my box.

degusta box open

  1. Dr. Oetker fine cook’s chocolate (RRP £1.69 each)- I received 2 bars, one milk and one dark. I have never tried these so it is something that is new to me. I haven’t had a chance to use them yet but these will definatly come in handy next time I decide to bake muffins.
  2. Crabbie’s flavoured Alcoholic ginger beer (RRP £2.19) – I have only ever tried the regular Crabbie’s and wasn’t the biggest fan. It will be nice to try a flavourd one.
  3. Clearspring Miso soup (RRP£1.29 each) – I got two of these as well. I havn’t tried these but they look like that might come in handy for taking to work.
  4. Lindt Lindor chocolate bars ( RRP 80p) – I received 3 of these and I have to say I am looking forward to trying them. Who doesnt love Lindor!
  5. Go Splash Red Energy (RRP £2.45) – I wish I would have received either of the other 2 flavours available in my box as I am not a fan of energy drinks. I am a big fan of these mini drinks bottles, great for on the go and handy to keep in your bag, just not the flavour for me.
  6. Cawston press rhubarb drink (RRP £1.00) – I’m not the biggest fan of rhubarb so I will pass this on to my grandad to try as I think it may be something he will enjoy.
  7. Keogh’s sea salt crisps (RRP £1.00) – Crisps! who doesnt love crisps, I will definitly try these soon.
  8. Mornflakes (RRP £1.20 each) – Again I got 2 of these little pots, they are an on the go all in one type breakfast pot, just add water.  This is probably something that will be good for my brothers work bag. He is currently working nights so things like this are always good to have as a snack.
  9. McVities Jaffa cakes mini rolls (RRP £1.30 each) – I got 2 flavours of these mini rolls Tropicool and Berry burst. These were claimed by my toddler as soon as I opened the box. I think these are a great value for money each pack contains 6 mini rolls and they can be frozen as well. We tried the Berry burst flavour first and it was lovely.

 mini rolls toddler

I enjoyed opening and sampling the Degusta box.
It was lovely and fun, I couldnt wait to see what had arrived.

Althought It was a good box, it was a mix of things that I like and will probably buy again and some things that we just won’t use.
This was my 1st Degusta box and only cost me £6.49. The value of goods is £20 so it is a great value for money if it has things you like. I might look at getting one again in future but at the moment a subscription of £12.99 a month just isn’t good spending for us as a family, as we are trying to save up for a mortgage and holiday.


Binky Linky

Ella’s kitchen food

I was recently selected by Product Testers to test out some Ella’s Kitchen baby foods.

We have tried Ella’s kitchen products a few times in the past and C has loved the “orange one” pouches, We were given a selection of different ones to try. You can read all about our opinions on then here>>>

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Slimming world update 1

*1st 7 weeks*

I joined slimming world on the 20th March 2014 (again) I had been before but not since I had C.

In the last 7 weeks I have lost a total of 10 lbs. Which I think is great but I know if I actually stuck to the plan more I could lose a lot more.

So I have decided to actually stick to it, to stop eating rubbish. These past two weeks havent been great as my mum has been ill. As she is doing slimming world with me, her not eating means that we arent planning or cooking any SW meals and I am just eating convenience foods.

I know using work and having a toddler is an excuse but sometimes grabbing what you can is all you can do.

I go get weighed again on Thursday so the rest of this week I am going to eat healthy balanced meals (as much as possible) and shop so we have good fresh food. 

Wish me luck!


Wedding cakes.

In October I was asked by a family friend if I would do her wedding cake, well actually wedding cakes.
I bake as a hobby and thought it would be a good challenge as I have never done a wedding cake before. I asked the lovely and amazing Danii (who blogs at Bake.Sleep.Read.Repeat.) to help me to bake, ice and decorate all 70 mini cakes and 1 large top cake.

I have to say I have now done it, and will never do it again, well I’ll never make mini cakes again. Continue reading

Bank holiday monday baking.

After a lovely lie-in this morning, well 9.30 is a lie-in when you are a parent, and a leisurely morning of playing and breakfast, we were sitting in the living room watching a program about the great british bake off.

Mum decided that she wanted cake so off to the kitchen I went to make some quick cupcakes.

I love to bake, I find it relaxing and fun, and cupcakes are so easy.
I quickly whipped up a batch of 12 cupcakes using the 888 recipe, It is my favourite recipe as it is so quick and easy, and tastes lovely!

Continue reading

Nakd bars and raisins review*

I have a very sweet tooth. I love chocolate bars and sweets, but that are not good for me and as I want to lose weight and become healthier I am always looking at things that will allow me to still have the sweet things I crave. So when I was given the opportunity to try Nakd Bars from Natural Balance foods, I just couldn’t say no.

I have seen the Nakd bars in shops and also seen others talking about them on social media sites, but I hadn’t actually tried them.

Nakd wholefood are healthy snack bars made from 100% natural ingredients. They are mostly gluten, wheat and dairy, contain no added sugar or sugar syrup and can count as one of you five a day.

Continue reading