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#MySundayPhoto – 26/07/15

This week was my grandparents Diamond wedding anniversary!
They have been together for an amazing 60 years.
Here they are on their wedding day in July 1955 and again yesterday July 2015.

I love them so much and we are very lucky to have two such amazing and lovely people who love us.

We had a little family party yesterday in their flat and I made them a cake, here are a few pictures of it, I’ll write a post with the recipe and step by step guide very soon for anyone who wants a go.

 wpid-imag4546.jpg wpid-imag4543.jpg

Baking fun and Giveaway

C and I have had some baking fun over the weekend as you might have seen on our #MySundayPhoto post this week. Well there is no excuse like Easter to get the mixer out and make some cakes.

C loves to help me bake and she is now getting good at telling me what ingredients I need next, being the official taste tester and of course helping clean up by licking the beater.


We made Easter cupcakes to share with family and friends, What do you think?

wpid-imag3882.jpgwpid-imag3876.jpg  wpid-imag3880.jpg

As baking is one of my hobbies and I blog about it a fair bit I thought that I would give away a selection of baking goodies to get you started or help you on your baking journey with children,

I think baking is a perfect rain day activity, and can be used to teach children new skills, as well as improve upon things like counting, and as a bonus you have something edible at the end to enjoy or to give away as gifts.

Here is the bundle of baking goodies that I will be giving away as part of our 2nd blogaversary to get you started.



1. Measuring cup and measuring spoon sets
2. Muffin cases
3. Heavenly cupcakes recipe book
4. 2 x cupcake boxes (each holds 6 cakes)
5. 2 x chocolate flavoured frosting 250g pots
6. A Peppa pig chocolate cookie kit
7. A Frozen cupcake kit
8.Writing icing – 3 tubes
9. Sugar stars (28g pot)
10. Mini marshmallows (12g pot)

Simply fill in the Gleam form below to be in with a chance to win.

baking competition

Good luck

* Open to UK residents only, prize supplied by me and not associated with any company/brand*

Breakfast at the Tavern Allerton

As the car was due in the Halfords garage on Smithdown road today I decided to go for breakfast at the Tavern Co to try their award winning Full English. I arrived just as they opened at 9am and was seated straight away, although they thought it was strange that I was eating alone and wasn’t just waiting for someone.

I was offered Tea or Coffee which according to their menu is bottomless and included in the price of breakfast. I ordered the Full English and had a good look around at the lovely décor while I waited.
It’s an Mexican/American themed restaurant and there is tons of interesting things to look at all around the place, licence plates on the walls, signs, street names etc.



 It wasn’t a long wait on food and it arrived about 5 minutes later. I opted to not get the grilled tomato on mine as I’m just not a fan of them. It included 2 sausages, 2 bacon rashers, beans, egg, black pudding, mushrooms and 3 halves of toast.



It was delicious although the black pudding wasn’t the best quality, the toast was done perfectly for me, lightly toasted and buttered.

I had about 3 cups of coffee that was lovely and there were milk bottles and sugar dispensers on the tables so you could add as much or as little as you like.


The staff were lovely but as it was quiet they asked me if everything was ok about 7 times during the 20 minutes I was eating.

I was finished by 9.30am, had a 3rd cup of coffee then asked for the bill, on the menu the Full English is £6.90 which is very reasonable especially as it includes unlimited coffee or tea. When the bill arrived I had only been charged £6.60 as they had taken the price of the tomato off which I though was nice as most places don’t do that.

I left a small tip and filled in the comment card that arrived with the bill, I plan on returning there to try some of the other delicious sounding breakfasts, American pancakes anyone? They are a family friendly restaurant as well so I might take C and my mum one day and we can have brunch.

I would totally recommend the Tavern Co to anyone who is looking for a nice breakfast in a lovely atmosphere.

#MySundayPhoto – 05/04/15

Here is this weeks #MySundayPhoto,


I took it yesterday on my phone while I was baking some Easter cupcakes, C wanted to help. She helped to weight out the ingredients, then turned on the mixer, she was the official tester (The cake mix was “nice”), then she helped clean up with her mouth lol

I love the far off look on her face as she eats the cake mix.

Do your children like to bake?


Coffee: At home and on the go!

I love my coffee, I’d say its a small addiction and I rarely go a day without one and have been drinking it for many, many years.
The only exception what when I was pregnant and I didn’t like the tastes as much.

What I don’t like is the cost of a decent cup of coffee while out, it can cost a good £3-4 for one coffee, I only earn £7 odd an hour so it’s quite a lot in perspective. I go for coffee with friends every so often or when out shopping with my mum, so it is really a luxury to get a hot cup of coffee while out.

We got a new Tassimo machine at home a few days ago, so I have been enjoying flavoursome and aromatic costa coffees at home at the push of a button. Don’t get me wrong the machine is expensive and the pods arnt cheap but we got them in Costco on offer, The Americano pods where 80 for £12.99, so for a while at least its cheaper than going out to costa with that same great tasting coffee at home.


The coffee we have in work isn’t great, its provided for us for free so I can’t really complain but it isn’t my preferred one. I don’t really want to pay up to £4 for a nice cup every shift from the local coffee shop. So I have invested in a travel mug, It means that I can make a coffee in our Tassimo at home and bring it with me, its still hot when I get in and I can make another coffee in the mug that will stay hot while I’m working.

It’s a THERMOcafe by THERMOS mug. It isn’t a huge mug only 420ml but keep it hot for over an hour, and wasn’t hugely expensive at £6.50 in Tesco. I will be taking it camping with me in May.


I also bought a little water flask and cup in Paperchase on our shopping trip last week. It has owls on (which I love), The cup screws onto the bottom so is perfect for bringing milk and instant coffee granules in to work. The flask was also £6.50 but I know that I will get plenty of use out of both items so its a good investment.


How do you like your coffee?

Valentines day dessert idea- Sugar and crumbs – Key lime Meringue pie!

If you have visited a card shop or a supermarket recently then you might have noticed the huge displays of red cards filled with hearts and sparkle! Well as you might have guessed the most romantic day of the year is nearly upon us, February 14 th aka Valentines day!

Okay this is were I have to admit and tell you that I don’t really celebrate Valentines day. I never really have i’m not a girly girl and dont really go for the lovey dovey gushy stuff and I don’t see why you should only celebrate Love on just one day a year.

If you do celebrate valentines and want to make something very special for the one you love, or if you love desserts and want to make a quick and lovely dessert to follow a lovely home made meal then why not try and make this amazing Key lime meringue pie.


I have been looking at meringue recipes for a few weeks after getting some new Sugar and Crumbs flavoured icings, I was sent 3 icings to try Key lime, Black cherry and Coffee. when I saw the flavours my 1st thought was key lime pie and I just loved the look of this one!

I love to bake and I always have but haven’t made meringues in a while, I mainly stick to cakes so this was a lovely challenge!

This morning after I had taken C to baby ballet I preheated the oven, collected the ingredients and went to work, measuring, crushing, melting, mixing, whipping and stirring. I following this recipe from the BBC website, except for replacing the caster sugar in the meringue for Key lime flavoured icing sugar, I really think that it adds an extra flavour layer to the pie.


Having read the recipe and making it I think the 1-2 hours prep is a little wrong, it only took about 30 minutes to make the base, mix and meringue but I do have a good electric mixer. I only put it in for 15 minutes to bake, but I think I would bake it for 5 more minutes and it would be a prefect valentines dessert.

I took this to my grandparents today to try it out on my family, and they all loved it, there was not a crumb left.


What would you have made with the Key lime flavour?
What would you make with the other flavours?

Here are my ideas!

 I still have 2 more flavours of Sugar and crumbs icing to make into meringues – Coffee and Black cherry.
I am planning on making some perfect valentines gifts, since valentines isnt just about your boyfriend or girlfriend why not try and make some edible gifts from family and friends. I am going to make some gifts, using the Black cherry, by making some chocolate cupcakes with a Black Cherry meringue butter cream icing, Which I will dye to make it fun and decorate to make them “love”ly for Valentines.

I have also seen a cake that I would love someone to give me for valentines, it would make the perfect dessert for me on valentines day, It is a coffee meringue gateau! Anyone who knows me, knows my love of all things coffee.
I have the ingredients for this and will be making this VERY soon so keep a look out of my next Sugar and crumbs post!

*Disclaimer- I was sent 3 x 250g packs of flavoured icings in exchange for writing about the products. All opinions are my own or other family members and are uninfluenced by the company or anyone else*

Homemade SW chicken stew and Yorkshire puddings

Mum hasn’t been well for a few weeks and with the rest of us in work on different shifts we haven’t had much time to think about healthy meals.
So when I did the online shopping a few days ago I decided that making some healthy meals in the slow cooker would be a good idea.
It would mean that we will have hot meals available without a mad rush in the evenings.

This morning I threw chicken thighs, carrots, onions, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and broccoli into the slow cooker with some stock and left it on high all day.

At about 4 pm I added some gravy granuals to thicken it up.
It smelt divine and tasted like a roast dinner mash up, and The best thing about this is its Slimming World friendly. there are a couple of syns in the gravy but as its such a big pot, its very low syn per portion ( on EE)

My small portion

My small portion

C's portion

C’s portion

I also decided to try and make Yorkshire pudding to go with it (not SW friendly though), it was the 1st time I had ever made them and I have to say they worked out quite well, if a little misshapen.



I will definitely make Yorkshire puddings again but add less to each or invest in a Yorkshire tray to make larger ones.

I really enjoyed eating it, but I know that it is going to taste so much better cold tomorrow for lunch.
I made enough to feed us with some left overs.

I have to say that apparently my cooking was wasted on C this evening as she refused my puddings and only ate a few bites of the stew.
She did have a big lunch of pasta, followed by a bottle of milk though so she might not have been very hungry.

Sugar and Crumbs chocolate icings

I am a huge fan of Sugar and Crumbs icing and have been ever since I tasted some of their lovely icing flavour options at the cake and bake show in March.
I am very lucky that I have been chosen to test out Sugar and crumbs newest icing sugars and they are Chocolate!

I received two of the new flavours that are due for release in September, Chocolate milkshake and Black forest, I just could not wait to try them out.

wpid-imag1298.jpg Continue reading

Making Olaf

I have been asked to make a Frozen cake for one of my work collegues for her neice’s birthday.
They asked for a round cake with Olaf on the top.

Now I have to be very honest here and admit that I have never seen Frozen, C is too little and I havn’t had the opportunity to go and see it in the cinema and we havn’t bought the bluray.

I agreed as I love to bake and it would be a new challange,  I decided to make a Olaf out of icing with added tylo powder to make it set so I can stand him on top of the cake.
I made Olaf on Wednesday evening to give him enough time to set properly.

 I don’t often make models for cakes so I used a picture tutorial I found online by Puckycakes and used a picture of him in this pose to go off.

I took a few pictures as I made him and here they are.

wpid-imag1080.jpg wpid-imag1085.jpg wpid-imag1082.jpg wpid-imag1083.jpg wpid-imag1088.jpg wpid-imag1089.jpg wpid-imag1092.jpg wpid-imag1093.jpg

I used Tesco’s white fondant icing, and a little black and orange icing for he details. I added Tylo powder to the icing to aid it in hardening and prevent him melting.
He still needed arms and twigs in this picture as the brown colour icing I had wasn’t dark enough.

I ended up having to use black as I couldn’t get dark brown icing anywhere.


 He isnt perfect but for a 1st attempt at him with basic tools to use went very well. He seems to look like Olaf and has set up nicely.
He took me about 50 minutes to make.

That’s Olaf, I’ll put up another post to show all the cakes later