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Controlling my messy hair

I’m not one to use loads of products, potions and lotions. As a mum of a toddler a quick 5 minute shower and brushing my hair is about the most I manage. I don’t have time to use hair masks or  deep conditioning treatments, and hairdresser trips for me are not a regular thing, and even then its a quick trip and blow dry.

Althought I have noticed that I’m starting to go a little grey, Thanks for pointing it out Mum and Danii, So I might need to add colouring to the mix soon.

At home I use Tresemme platinum strength shampoo and Tresemme moisturising Conditioner on my hair.
It makes it nice but it still tangles and knots like I don’t know what!

It is awful to try and brush my hair after washing it and really hurts unless I use this


UniqONE All in one hair treatment from Revlon Professional.
They introduced it to me in our hairdresses a few years ago when I got my hair dyed blond ( looked lovely but OMG the upkeep and ruined hair were not worth it) and I have been using it ever since.

It says on the bottle that it has 10 real benefits.
1. Repair for dry and damaged hair .
2.Shine and Frizz control
3.Heat protection
4. Silkiness and smoothness.
5. Hair colour protection with UVA/UVB filters
6. Easier brushing and Ironing
7. Incredible detangler.
8.Long-lasting hairstyles
9.Slit end sprevention
10.Adds body.

I’m not sure about all of them but I know it makes it so I can brush my hair in about 6 strokes instead of fighting it for half an hour!

Do you have and time saving and magical products?

Happy mother’s day to all mums

I just wanted to say Happy Mother’s day to all mums.
Weather it is you’ve very 1st Mother’s day, your 3rd like mine or your 28th like my mum’s I hope that you had a lovely day.


You are all amazing.
You hold one of the hardest jobs that there is, it is 24/7/365, the pay is rubbish and can be very demanding but it is worth every single sleepless night and worried minute to see your child grow.
Be proud of your children and enjoy your time with them because they grow too fast and aren’t little for long.


Parents – Working, stay at home or a mixture?

When I got into work Tuesday morning there was a conversation on the radio about how there is a decline in stay at home mums, and that now only about 1 in 10 mums are now stay at home mums, but the number of stay at home dad’s apparently hasn’t risen in the last couple of decades.
I might have gotten that wrong or miss heard as I was in work with people about and the level was low but I’m pretty sure that was the gist of the conversation.

It was on BBC Radio Merseyside and they were asking people to call in and give their opinions. As I was in work it wasn’t appropriate for me to do so but it was something that I think everyone should have an opinion on. I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the last week, so I though I would write a post.

I am a part time working mum.
Although I only work part time at the moment and my work hours do vary week on week, I work some daytime shifts as well as evenings and weekends. So I know how it feels to be out working and also at home.
My boyfriend Dan works morning shifts 5 days a week, so childcare is split between us and our families.
we are lucky to have the support network of family and friends that gives us the able to work without having to spend extortionate amounts on childcare. Continue reading

Emergency information for your car.

One of my friends on Facebook put up a very interesting post a few days ago that really made me think.
It was about the real reason for the “baby on board” or as my dad calls them “fertility signs”, the little plastic window signs that people put on their rear window in cars.

Have you ever wondered why people have them? Continue reading

Past generations ( great-granddad Mac and great-nan Annie)

There are pictures of me when I was little sitting on my great granddad’s knee, my dad’s mum’s dad.
I know that I was lucky to know just one of my great grandparents, he passed away when I was about 4 so I don’t really remember him.

C is even luckier, she has all 8 great grandparents!
She see’s most of them very regularly and it is obvious that they adore her.

I really want to get picture’s of C with each of them, so I can share them with you.
This is her with great-nan Annie (my mum’s mum) a couple of weeks ago.


And her with both great-granddad Mac and great-nan Annie (my mum’s parents)


Pictures are lovely memories, My grandparents have very very few photo’s of when they were young and my parents have more than them but still not loads, and in the age were in where we all have camera’s in our pockets they are so easy to take.

It is going to be one of my resolutions for the new year to take more pictures and store them in a safe way, as I have lost pictures when my computer died this year.

I want to make some scrapbooks so that we have them to look back on when C is older and show her all the amazing things that she did when she wasn’t even 2 yet.
All the holidays she’s been on, they people she has met and the everyday pictures that show how she is growing.

I also will show her out family tree that we are still working on to show her all the past generations of our families.

So are you planning number 2 yet?

This is the major question that I seem to be fielding most recently.
It comes in many different forms and wording, “So are you planning for number 2 yet?”, “Are you feeling broody?”, ” Don’t you think C needs a sibling?”, but the meaning is always the same.

“Don’t you think its time you had another child?”

It seems a common thing that once you have had a child and they get the a certain age that is around 18 months old people start asking when your having more.
I think its a similar thing to getting to a certain age and being in a relationship, people ask when you will get married/ buy a house /have children ( delete as appropriate).

It is just the done thing and the next step that people are expected to take.

So my answer :- Yes I do want to have another child at some point, but right now is not the best time for us.
I have things that I want to do before I expand my family, I want to go back to Uni, I want to get a better paying job, D needs a better paying job as well and we need to move into our own space.
I also need to take D’s opinions into account, weather he want’s more kids or not.

I don’t think we will be ready for another child for a few years at least, but if it should happen sooner then I will be happy.
I have never wanted C to be an only child and have always imagined having more children but what will be will be.

For now I am thankful to have my happy and healthy little girl who I love so much!


Holiday Photo’s

Over the last week I have been slowly sorting and downloading our holiday photo’s.
Although I took a camera most of my pictures where on my phone, oh I only took about 1500 of them :O

My dad purchased memory maker before we went on holiday and we got about 360 ride, character and street photo’s taken in the Disney parks that we were able to download, It is amazing value as the package costs $149 but the quality and quantity of pictures is great. We could have had many more taken if we had wanted too as well.

I still need to download all the pictures from my mums camera, and get copies of the ones from Dan’s phone and my dad’s camera.
Getting all the pictures sorted and chosen is a job in itself and with work and looking after C I just haven’t had time to do it.

Once I have them all in one place I can then decide which are the best ones to get physical copies of to add to C’s memory book and to make a scrapbook about the holiday.

 For now here are a few of my favourites.

frame image wm1 blog image 5 blog image 4 blog image 3 blog image 2

Our privilege : The NHS

As a family we have a very close connection to the NHS, My dad is a GP and my mum used to work as a nurse in Broadgreen hospital in Liverpool. I want to apply to university in September and will hopefully get onto a nursing course to train to also become a part of our great national health service.
The NHS seems to get a very bad reputation in the press, there is constantly a new scandal or news story about how GP’s aren’t accessible or not meeting targets or that the NHS is wasting money, but we are actually very lucky as a country to have the NHS. Continue reading