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Sugar and Crumbs chocolate icings

I am a huge fan of Sugar and Crumbs icing and have been ever since I tasted some of their lovely icing flavour options at the cake and bake show in March.
I am very lucky that I have been chosen to test out Sugar and crumbs newest icing sugars and they are Chocolate!

I received two of the new flavours that are due for release in September, Chocolate milkshake and Black forest, I just could not wait to try them out.

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haberman cup review*

We were recently sent two cups for C to try out from Haberman. A cow print beaker which is 12 months+ and a 360° toddler cup which is for 18 months+.

wpid-imag0958.jpg wpid-imag0962.jpg

We started out trying the cow print beaker. It is a lovely size cup and very simple to use. It has has a leak proof drinking spout that has a one way valve. C loves it and can easily drink from it, and best for me is that she can’t tip the drink out.


I also love the 360° Sip cup but its 18+ and although i’ve given it to C a couple of times to try she hasn’t really gotten the hang of it yet. 
The design of the 360°  cup has a rubber ring that allows the toddler to sip from the cup but prevents leaks, It’s a brilliant idea and works really well as shown by the short video I took where I tipped it and turned it. You can see the video here on my youtube.


The lid on the 360°  cup is a little difficult to get on and off even for me, so there is no way a child could do it.  The capacity of both cups is 250mls, making them good sizes for toddlers to drink from over a meal or an afternoon out. 
The 360° sip cup comes in 3 different colours – blue, green and red.  
Both cups are also dishwasher safe on the top shelf and microwave safe without the lid on.

The RRP for the 360° sip cup is £5.95, and the RRP for the Cow beaker is £4.99.

I would recommend these cups to anyone with toddlers as they are brilliant, the leakproof designs mean that even if dropped or thrown you don’t have a huge clean up operation on your hands. 

 *Disclaimer – I was then these 2 cups free of charge for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and are unbias*


Growling tums dog food review*

If you know anything about our family then you know that we love to try new things!
Growling tums is a relatively new dog food brand in the UK and we have recently been trying some of their comforting chicken and rice complete adult dog food with our two dogs Finley and Freddie.


Finley seemed really interested before it was even open

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The Canvas prints review*

Canvas prints are a lovely way to add colour to a room, and as they are light they are very easy to hang.
I have reviewed canvas prints in the past and The canvas prints is a new Bolton based company who offer a service of having your photo’s printed on to canvas.

C and I went to Limitless photography in Manchester in March to have a photo shoot. It was a lovely all day experience which I will write about soon and publish some of the pictures.
I need to find a good way to watermark them first as I paid for the copyright and want to keep them.

I have chosen to use one of these pictures and have it put onto canvas from The Canvas Prints website. I chose a lovely picture of C in her reversible Tiny tot’s togs dress that we bought at the uk baby and toddler show in Liverpool.

It arrived very well packaged and delivered by courier.


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Lamaloli Review*

If you haven’t guessed yet we LOVE Disney in this house, All things Disney! Disney World, Disneyland, toys, movies and Disney Clothes. Which is why I felt privileged when I was recently contacted by Tim at Lamaloli asking if we would like to try some of their branded products.
Lamaloli is a European based clothing website that sells branded children’s clothing and accessories from age 0 to 14 years. Continue reading

Degusta box – unboxing!

A few days ago I saw an advert on Facebook for Degusta boxes. They were on offer for half price so I thought that I would order one to see what they were like.

Their webpage is very easy to navigate and gives you the option to buy as a gift as well. I decided to buy one for myself to try as it was such a good deal and its no commitment as long as you cancel before the 10th of the month.

Degusta box use DPD for delivery which allow you to track your delivery, so prevents you having to wait in all day, which when you have a toddler and busy life makes things so much easier.

This is my box when it arrived
degusta box

I couldnt wait to open it…so I did!
Here are the pictures of the opening process.

Frigile Degusta box degusta box degusta box degusta box

I love this sticker ” open me, eat me …enjoy me!”
and I fiannly got to the selection of goodies!


Here is what I got in my box.

degusta box open

  1. Dr. Oetker fine cook’s chocolate (RRP £1.69 each)- I received 2 bars, one milk and one dark. I have never tried these so it is something that is new to me. I haven’t had a chance to use them yet but these will definatly come in handy next time I decide to bake muffins.
  2. Crabbie’s flavoured Alcoholic ginger beer (RRP £2.19) – I have only ever tried the regular Crabbie’s and wasn’t the biggest fan. It will be nice to try a flavourd one.
  3. Clearspring Miso soup (RRP£1.29 each) – I got two of these as well. I havn’t tried these but they look like that might come in handy for taking to work.
  4. Lindt Lindor chocolate bars ( RRP 80p) – I received 3 of these and I have to say I am looking forward to trying them. Who doesnt love Lindor!
  5. Go Splash Red Energy (RRP £2.45) – I wish I would have received either of the other 2 flavours available in my box as I am not a fan of energy drinks. I am a big fan of these mini drinks bottles, great for on the go and handy to keep in your bag, just not the flavour for me.
  6. Cawston press rhubarb drink (RRP £1.00) – I’m not the biggest fan of rhubarb so I will pass this on to my grandad to try as I think it may be something he will enjoy.
  7. Keogh’s sea salt crisps (RRP £1.00) – Crisps! who doesnt love crisps, I will definitly try these soon.
  8. Mornflakes (RRP £1.20 each) – Again I got 2 of these little pots, they are an on the go all in one type breakfast pot, just add water.  This is probably something that will be good for my brothers work bag. He is currently working nights so things like this are always good to have as a snack.
  9. McVities Jaffa cakes mini rolls (RRP £1.30 each) – I got 2 flavours of these mini rolls Tropicool and Berry burst. These were claimed by my toddler as soon as I opened the box. I think these are a great value for money each pack contains 6 mini rolls and they can be frozen as well. We tried the Berry burst flavour first and it was lovely.

 mini rolls toddler

I enjoyed opening and sampling the Degusta box.
It was lovely and fun, I couldnt wait to see what had arrived.

Althought It was a good box, it was a mix of things that I like and will probably buy again and some things that we just won’t use.
This was my 1st Degusta box and only cost me £6.49. The value of goods is £20 so it is a great value for money if it has things you like. I might look at getting one again in future but at the moment a subscription of £12.99 a month just isn’t good spending for us as a family, as we are trying to save up for a mortgage and holiday.


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ScarfWorld Review* and competition

I am not a huge fashion follower, I am a jeans and t-shirt/hoodie girl type of girl. I love my comfy clothes.
I occasionally in work read magazines and you always see them using scarves to layer on an outfit to give it more life.

I saw a review request from Scarfworld so I thought I would try it, and get a new look for summer.

I chose two lovely scarves to try, a white one with black heart pattern and a leopard scarf. Continue reading

Docrafts | Creativity magazine review*

I love to craft. In the past I have made cards for various occasions such as birthdays and christmas, I have scrapbooked and made photo albums for special occasions.

I often browse through the craft magazines when in the supermarket as they are great for ideas and have been very lucky to have recently received March 2014’s issue of Docraft’s Creativity magazine to review.

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