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Wellness dog food review

Anyone who has seen out previous dog food reviews will know that Finley was our hoover dog who used to eat anything and everything ( possibly part of the reason that we lost him earlier this year) while Freddie is a very fussy pedigree pooch.

Freddie has been asked recently to try out a new food that is being stocked by Pets at home it’s called Wellness and is a grain free dog food. It contains no Wheat, Soya, Corn, Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, so is better for your dogs digestive system as they are designed to eat a meat rich diet.

We were sent both wet and dry food as he currently is mix fed, here are our thoughts on Wellness Core dog food.

Wet food 
According to the Pets at home website the wet food it is available in 5 different flavours :-
– CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Beef, Lamb and White Sweet Potatoes.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Chicken, Chicken Liver and Spinach.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Turkey, Duck and White Sweet Potatoes.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Lamb, Turkey and Kale.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Tuna, Chicken and Kale.

We got two each of the chicken and beef flavours, each pot contained a smooth pate with a chunky centre. Freddie really enjoyed both flavours, he couldn’t get enough.
2015-12-30 10.36.02

I really liked the look of it, you could see the meaty chunks and could tell that it was proper meat, and I thought that the portion sizes were good for a dog of his size.

The pack of 4 x 170g is £7.95 so it’s more expensive than our regular dog food and with him needing to eat at least 1 pot a day it would cost us quite a bit to move him to this food full-time.

As it is grain it would be very good for dogs that suffer with allergies or sensitivities.

Dry food 

The Wellness grain free core dry food we received was ocean flavour and Freddie wasn’t so keen on it, he usually has chicken or beef dry food so he took some convincing to try it. I think that if we had tried the original he would have woofed it down (pun intended)

2015-12-30 10.36.14

Over the course of the last  week we mixed this with his old food as is suggested when changing any dog food. He had no problems with it at all.

It was quite small kibble pieces so very easy for a dog of Freddie’s size to eat, even if he wasn’t too keen on the flavour.

2015-12-30 10.37.14

The dry food comes in 4 varieties, Ocean, Original, Reduced fat and Small breed. Like the wet food it is all grain free so good for allergies but is high in proteins so very good for your dogs health.

Again this food is more expensive as it doesn’t contains the grains as fillers so a 1.8kg bag of the Ocean is £12.99 in Pets at home.

Overall I think that Wellness is a well made and though through dog food and would be great for a food sensitive dog.
If Freddie was ever ill I would consider buying this as it contains fewer allergens that could upset him.

 *Disclaimer : – I was sent a free sample of dog food for the purpose of this review, All opinions are my own (well Fred helped on this one) and are unbiased*

Our day at the Ultimate Christmas fair Liverpool

Liverpool is a great and vibrant city, the new exhibition centre near to the Albert dock is a great venue which hosts a variety of concerts and shows.
This weekend it is home to The Ultimate Christmas Fair  and mum and I were lucky enough to be invited along to see it for ourselves.

We arrived not long after it opened, It has lovely decorations and had a stroll around having a look at everything, while listening to live Christmas music.

There is a great selection of fashion, gifts, as well as food and drink. It took us a good couple of hours to look around properly, chat to the stall holders, try some of the products and see what there was on offer. Continue reading

GoCustomized Phone case review*

Anyone who has a phone now-a-day’s knows that the case can also be an extension of your personality with the array of personalised items available on the market we are spoilt for choice.

I recently invested in a new phone cover and tablet slip from to protect the technology that gets thrown into my back, slipped into pockets, dropped and generally manhandled on a daily basis.

I ordered a HTC One M8 Personalised phone case ( The Hard case, Full wrap one) I decided to personalise it with a photo of C walking Freddie.
I liked the website set up, it is very user friendly as you are able to upload multiple photo’s and view them on the outline which makes it easy to see if it will work or not. I found that a lot of photographs don’t fit because of the whole in the case for the camera and flash.

12064291_10207722051317487_1653222160_n 12077376_10207722042637270_1930572145_n

My phone is also my main camera so I had to borrow dad’s phone to snap these photo’s of it. You can see that it is thin and protects around the edge of the phone as well as the whole of the back without being cumbersome. The finish is matt and smooth, its lovely to hold and doesn’t feel slippy.

It seems very tough and hard wearing with no marks or scratches appearing even after a week of use, including being dropped and throw into bags etc.

I also bought a Samsung galaxy tab 4 cover at the same time as my phone case, also personalised, this time I chose a photo from our Florida trip last year of my mum and me in front of the castle, this was a memory maker photo and we had added the Tinkerbell and words the photo before uploading to the site.

wpid-imag4973_1.jpgIf you would like to make your own phone case why not pop over and take a look, they have covers to fit most makes and models of phone as well as tablet cases.

* Disclaimer – I was given the phone case for the purpose of this review, all opinions on the products featured are my own and unbiased.* 

Pawsome box review take 2

We were recently sent another Pawsome box to review, we were lucky to receive one a few months ago which both our dogs loved.
You can read that review here.

This time Freddie got the summer pawsome box all to himself since we lost Fin in May.
He seemed really excited to see it when it arrived and couldn’t wait for me to open it, he even tried to help.


I took a little video of my unboxing it with the help of Freddie. ( please excuse the lack of narrative, I’m not used to unboxing)

He seems to have really enjoyed all the things in the box. He loved the food elements – the cured sausage and rawhide pork roll.


Each box contains slightly different products all based on one theme which you can read about in the accompanying booklet.
In our box there was:-

  • Mutt and Jeff cured sausage – Which contained a good number of lovely sized sausage that were easy to cut and he would do anything for one, so great for training.
  •  The rawhide pork roll – This lasted a few hours and kept him quiet, although he did insist on throwing it about before starting to eat it.
  •  A collapsible water bowl-I will keep this in the car for when we take him out.
  • A Frisbee- To be honest I haven’t really tried this one out with him as he is obsessed with the campervan at the moment.
  • The orange squeaky campervan – This he loved and so does C to be honest, its noisy and bright so easily visible in long grass if dropped.

Although him or C sitting and squeaking it and laughing is annoying sometimes.

  • Multivitamin paste. It says to give about 2 cm’s for Freddie’s weight, he liked it but it took a while to convince him that he should even try it. I think its a good way to make sure that he is getting the vitamins that he might need as he can be a fussy eater.
    wpid-imag4522.jpg wpid-imag4523.jpg

On the Pawsomebox website you can personalise your profile to let them know what your dogs are like, and they can then personalise the box for your size dog.

There are three types of plans:
Monthly – You pay £19.90 each month and receive a box.
3 monthly – You pay £56.70 in one lump sum which is works out at £18.90 a box for 3 months.
Half-yearly – You pay 6 months upfront with a discounted rate per box of £17.90 and then receive 1 box each month for 6 months.
Yearly –  You pay for twelve monthly boxes together for an even greater discount making it just £15.90 per box.
Each box contains products worth £30, according to the website.
If its something that you are interested in and you think your dogs would benefit then you just need to go to their webpage and sign up.
They also do a purrfectbox for cats
*Disclaimer- I was sent a pawsomebox free for the purpose of the review, All opinions and photographs are my own. I have not been influenced in my opinions, they are all unbias*

Breakout Liverpool

Have you ever wanted to be a spy?
Watched 24 when he only has an hour to stop something happening?
Watched a film where they have to stop the bomb going off?

Did you think, I could do that, It didn’t look so hard.

Well yesterday I got to have a real experience of that excitement and pressure at Breakout Liverpool, 3 friends and I went into Liverpool city centre to be locking in a room.


It sounds strange that we were choosing to be locked in a room but it was very fun.
We arrived and out mission was explained to us, we were entering the sabotage room and we had one hour to look for clues and solve problems to stop a missile from being sent to blow up Liverpool.
We were also told that they would be watching us to make sure we were ok ( and laugh at us if we did anything funny), and that we would be given clues on the screen if they thought we needed them (which we did), and that the door that we first entered through wouldn’t be locked in case we needed to get out but that wouldn’t count as an escape.
He also mentioned that only about 20% of people have managed to escape in the hour, so no pressure right?

We were then shown to our room, the door closed and the clock started. One whole hour to solve clues and unlock the door to get out, simple right? Well I’m not going to tell you any of the clues or what we did but I can tell you it was difficult.
We searched for clues, wrote notes and found keys.


We managed to get into the second room after about 20 minutes, where the clues got more difficult and the pressure built as the time slowly at first ticked by, I checked the clock 30 minutes left, worked on clues then looked again 20 minutes to go.

The time seemed to go quicker and quicker and we just couldn’t get into the computer, we eventually did and then we needed the code to stop the missile launch, and it didn’t work! it took ages but we eventually did it! then we had to escape with 2 minutes to go, only 2 minutes to get the keys to get out.

Well we made it… just ….


Do you think you can beat our time?

It was a really fun experience, and I really want to go back to try out classified and the newest room shipwreck which doesn’t open until Saturday!

Don’t just take my word for it here is what Dan and Danielle thought about Breakout Liverpool 

Danielle – “Had an awesome time last night at Breakout Liverpool. It was good to do something different rather than the usual cinema, food or drinks etc. I would totally recommend this to anyone!”

Dan – ”The Breakout Liverpool, One Hell of a Stressful but also really entertaining Hours you will ever spend. The object to breakout of a room may seem simple but when combined with Puzzles, Clues, Riddles.. its a lot more difficult. I won’t give anything away but I would recommend Working as a team as it really does help”


The prices of the rooms vary depending on when you go and how many people you take, they say that you can have 2-5 people per room but 3-4 is perfect.
The sabotage room on off peak ( Monday 10 am – Friday 5 pm is off peak) would cost £56 for 4 people or £14 each,
Peak time (Friday 5 pm – Sunday 10 pm) is slightly more expensive at £60 or £15 each for 4 people.

The prices are all on their website on the booking page when you select your room, time and number of people.


Breakout Liverpool is located at 7-11 Sir Thomas street in Liverpool city centre, It’s really easy to find you just go past the Liverpool direct office and look out for the LARGE Breakout Liverpool sign on the right when walking with the MET quarter on your left, it is located in the basement which adds to the mystery and fun in my opinion.
We parked in Queens square car park and it took us about a 3-4 minute walk there, but it has great bus and train links too.

Who is it for?

I think Breakout Liverpool is a perfect day out for families with older children (8+), groups of friends, Team building, or stag/hen do’s.
It’s fun but you really need to work together, communicate and think, it would make a good location for birthday parties for  young teens as well.


*Disclaimer – We were given the use of the room for free to write about our experience,  all opinions are my own or my friends and they are unbiased and honest*

Whitebox photography Liverpool review.

I saw an advert for a local photographer a few weeks ago on a Facebook, I checked out his Facebook page . I decided that I would be a little cheeky and contacted them asking if they had ever considered working with bloggers.
I started chatting with Liam via email, He had never worked with bloggers but was interested in hearing more about this blog and what would be involved with working together.

We arranged to attend the session on Saturday morning in the Gate centre in Huyton and we agreed that I would write this post in exchange for the photo-shoot and interviewing Liam about his work, as well as giving my opinion on the website.

I had already had a look at the Whitebox website, it is bright, colourful and attractive to look at, more importantly it is easy to navigate.

I selected Northwest and Liverpool then it comes up with a list of photoshoot types.

Liam mainly does 3 types of photoshoots:-

  • Free Newborn Baby Taster Photo-shoot– These are for babies up to 16 weeks and are actually free, you need a £10 deposit to book but you get the back on the day. The shoot lasts about 10 minutes and you will receive about 20 photographs of your baby.
  • Children Only Photo-shoots – This is for up to 3 children under the age of 16, perfect for siblings. It costs £25 and lasts for approximately 10 minutes. You get a minimum of 25 photos to take away with you.
  • Family Photo-shoots – These are for up to 5 people and cost £45 ( £15 deposit and £30 on the day) It lasts about 20 minutes and you get a minimum of 50 photos to take home.

If you are interests in getting photo’s done please take a look at Whitebox photography’s website an see when they will next be in your area.


Charlotte and I arrived at The GATE community centre in Huyton just before our appointment time of 11.40am, and went inside. We were greeted by Liam who was set up in a large room near the rear of the building, it was very well signposted from the entrance so easy to find.

Continue reading

Pawsome box review

As you may know form past posts as part of our family we have 2 dogs Finley and Freddie.

I was recently contacted by a company called Pawsome who do monthly packages for dogs. Now if your dog is anything like mine then they always bark at the postman! One of our poor postmen is scared stiff of our monsters, although I think that they would never hurt anyone, much more likely to lick him to death lol.

We received our USA themed pawsome box and I couldn’t wait to see what the boys thought of it.

Our box included

  • A hot dog squeaky toy – This is actually a quite load squeaky toy and neither dog is to interested in it, until the toddler decides to sit squeaking it!
  • A led light to attach to a collar – This is a great flashing light and very handy to be able to see the dog when they go out to the toilet before bed, although I now need another for the other dog.
  • A rawhide baseball – Freddie claimed this straight away, and it was gone within the hour. Kept him entertained for a little while at least.
  • A Rubber toy- C keeps giving this to the boys and Fin loves to throw it and make it bounce. It is still in one piece so it is durable and they have had it a couple of weeks now.


  • A pack of chicken flavoured treats -These treats were well enjoyed by both dogs, the packs say they are 100% chicken and they feel quite nice, there weren’t many in the pack though especially when sharing between 2 dogs.
    wpid-imag3233.jpgwpid-imag3238.jpg wpid-imag3239.jpg
  • A pack of bacon flavoured treats – These bacon strips were a good size and meant that it was easy for C to also give each dog treats.
  • A guide to read all about the contents and more information about Pawsome and their theme. This time it was the USA, I would love to see what other themes they are going to send out.

Overall it was a nice treat box and each item was appropriate for our dogs, as you can see for the above photo, there can be a few different things in the boxes when it comes to the toys.

Our dogs loved the treats, Fin kept trying to steal the bags of them from the box when I wasn’t looking, even opening the box to do so.


On the Pawsomebox website you can personalise your profile to let them know what your dogs are like, and they can then personalise the box for your size dog.

There are three types of plans:
Monthly – You pay £19.90 each month and receive a box.
Half-yearly – You pay 6 months upfront with a discounted rate per box of £17.90 and then receive 1 box each month for 6 months.
Yearly –  You pay for twelve monthly boxes together for an even greater discount making it just £15.90 per box.
Each box contains products worth £30, according to the website.
If its something that you are interested in and you think your dogs would benefit then you just need to go to their webpage and sign up.
They also do a purrfectbox for cats
*Disclaimer- I was sent a pawsomebox free for the purpose of the review, All opinions and photographs are my own. I have not been influenced in my opinions, they are all unbias*

Letter from Father Christmas*

I was asked a couple of months ago if we would like to review a personal letter from Father Christmas.

Even though C is a little young to fully appreciate it I jumped at the chance because what little girl (or boy) doesn’t deserve a letter from the big man himself!
It will be a lovely thing to add to her memory box, as it’s dated for this year and has her age and the toy she wants.

I went on to the Lapland mailrooms website and was able to enter in C’s details. They ask for the child’s name, age, gender, what they are hoping for, a special friend’s name and you can even add a PS to the bottom of the page.


You probably can’t read the letter as the writing is quite small but it is very well worded and creates a lovely image for children of what Father Christmas is doing in the run up to Christmas.
I chose to add the PS “You were such a good girl on your 1st big holiday in Florida” as it is a special memory from this year.

I chose letter version two as I preferred the wording on there but there are a few different versions if you have more than one child to get a letter for. There is also a babies 1st Christmas choice.

Each letter comes with a free personalised good child certificate, signed by Father Christmas.


You can also include an activity pack with the letter that has a Santa please stop here, elf yourself , Christmas tree decoration and door hander colouring sheets as well as a Christmas card to colour in.


The price for all of this is just £7.95 or without the activity pack it ins £6.95. They are lovely quality and a cute addition to our Christmas countdown.
There is still time to go and order them now for this year but you would have to be quick.

*Disclaimer – I was sent this letter and activity pack free for the purpose of the review but all opinions are my own*

Our travel journals

I always take a holiday journal with me to document what we do everyday, what I ate, what rides I went one etc.

I have got a new travel journal from Paperchase I wrote about it back in April when I bought it, you can read about it here.
In that post I also told you what I was looking for in a travel scrapbook for C.
I never found on in the shops so I have made my own.

I bought a Kirsty Alsop small photo album in Tesco’s clearance section for about £3, it was the perfect size but I didn’t like the colour, floral just doesn’t say Disney or Children’s book to me, so I recovered it.

When we we in B&Q shopping I saw the map wallpaper that just screamed travel journal so I took a sample (plus the office needs redecorating so I wanted to see if it would suit it, i’m still not sure it does).



I removed the hard board covers and recovered them using the map paper before returning them to the album, I think it looks amazing.



As this will be C’s 1st Florida holiday I am making her, her own scrap journal, that I will take with us.
I’ll make notes about her favorite rides, which characters she met, what she loved or disliked etc, and will add pictures in when we get back.

I hope that this will be a lovely keepsake for her to have as she probably wont remember her 1st holiday abroad.

I will also be making a family scrapbook when we return to remember this holiday, and keep all our pictures in it.
I will show you how I make that in a month or so.

C’s tiger sheds competition entry

We have been talking a lot recently about sorting out our garden and making it child friendly for C.
I’d love to get C her own little play house where she had space to play and enjoy the lovely weather that we have been getting recently, and for years to come as well.
Our garden has a shed that is filled with tools, paint and other non-childfriendly items.

I saw a post about the Tiger shed competition and just knew that we had to enter although getting C to design her own house is a little difficult at 18 months old she hasn’t learn enough words to explain what she wants, so I drew a basic house and she coloured it in with finger paints.

tiger house

As you can see on the picture the outside walls would be red with a purple door, and purple picnic table. The monkey bars would be orange and a yellow swing and sandpit. There would be a garden outside.
Inside the house would have a comfy seating area, and a kitchen to make tea, coffee and cake in. The inside walls would be brightly coloured and filled with pictures of friends and family.
There would also be somewhere to store all C’s craft things and a chalkboard wall to draw on.

C really enjoyed painting the house, but as she is 18 months her attention span was a little short.
She needed a bath after as well as I think she got more paint on her than on the picture.

c paint 3 c paint 1 c paint 2

I hope we win but you never know what will happen, you have to be in it to be in with a chance so here is how to enter.
The Tiger sheds dream house #TigercubHideout competition is as follows.

Entry checklist

1. Ask a child to draw their dream house. You can print the dream house template to make it easier! Make sure it is labelled;

2. Upload the picture (if drawn by hand, either scan it or take a photo) in a blog post;

3. Be sure to use the hashtag #TigercubHideout in your blog post;

4. Email a link to your blog post and a contact number to by midnight on the closing date of Friday, August 29.