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September challenge #theidearoom -Day 19

Day 19



This picture is not really creative at all but this is my view when I tip my head back to stretch on shifts in work on a Friday night  or Sunday afternoon.
I love my job, it is honestly a very easy one but it can also be a little boring at time’s being in a room on your own for hours on end just waiting for a patient to arrive or some paperwork to do.

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 18

Day 18

Everyday I…


…I am amazed by my beautiful little girl and how much she is changing everyday. She is becoming so grown up. She is so clever that sometimes I’m surprised with the things she comes out with.

She is just 2.5 years old but seems so grown up, I will enjoy seeing her grow and changed every second of every day.
I love her so much x

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 17

Day 17



Today for my birthday my mum and I went for breakfast to the tavern. I have had breakfast here before (as you can read about here) and loved it, so decided that for my birthday I wanted to go there. We dropped C off at nursery then we went for some delicious food!

I had the breakfast at Tiffany’s with sausage patties which was amazing! Mum had the full English and it was too much for her to finish, unlimited tea and coffee as well. It only came to £13.45 which is a great price, I would definitely recommend the tavern to anyone looking for breakfast in south Liverpool

Have you ever  been to the tavern in Allerton, Liverpool?

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 16

Day 16



In our normal Wednesday routine I am off work and child free for most of the day as C is at D’s overnight on a Tuesday and then at Nana G’s in the afternoon. This week I swapped shifts,  so I worked on Wednesday afternoon to get cover for one of my shifts at the end of this month when I have to have 2 teeth out.

Our new calendar is the best way to keep track of the where’s and when’s.

We have a good routine now and have settled into what day’s I have work, when C is in nursery and who is dropping her off/ picking her up and what nights C staying in daddy’s.

It will all change a little more in October/ November when both sets of Grandparents are off on holiday ( they overlap by 1 week :S )

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 15

Day 15

my shoes


My well worn Sketchers go walks, I got these about a year ago in Florida to save my poor feet that were suffering from all the walking. They felt like walking on pillows and I have worn either a pair of these ( I have 3) or my sandals for the last year.

These are the one’s I wore for the Race for Life as they were actually made as part of the breast cancer awareness campaign and have the symbol on the back.

I will have to buy more go walks when we are back in Florida next year as they are so much cheaper over there.

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 12

Day 12



I have invested in a new calendar for our house from Organised mum, with 3 ( sometimes 4) adults in the house and a toddler we need a way to see when people are where.

C has nursery, nights at her dad’s and Ballet classes to document.
I have work, guides and plans for nights out/ weekend away.
Mum has weekends away, holidays and doctors appointments.
Dad has work, holidays and appointments.

This planner has space for up to 6 people on it, we are using one each, one to plan meals for the week and one for extra information. There is also space for a shopping list and to do list on each weekly page. The best thing about this planner is the clear acetate page that you can lay over each week, so you only have to write the weekly things like work shifts and ballet classes on once. It also includes stickers and a large document pocket at the back great for £11.99.

*I bought this calender for full price of £11.99 as I like it, this post is in no way associated with the company and all opinions are my own*

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 11

Day 11

In the distance


This picture is one from Florida last year, It was the Walt Disney World entrance as we drove up to it in the rain.
I have been sorting out pictures on my computer and saving them to dropbox this week, so when I read the prompt for today this picture is the 1st one that came to mind. I had an issue last year which meant I lost all my old pictures when my computer and external hard drive both failed.

I never want to do that again so I am saving them to as many things as possible and Dropbox automatically saves them from my phone, which is my main camera at the moment as my DSL is a little big for daily use and my coolpix is a little slow.
I really need to invest in a smaller camera, do you have any suggestions?

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 10

Day 10

Starts with a “B”


Mine and C’s Bed’s last night.
C wasn’t feeling well and came to sleep in my bed last night, She came in at 1 am and tossed and turned until 4.30 am when she promptly threw up all over me, my bed and herself.

I quickly stripped her off to just a nappy and got washed and changed.

C insisted in a visit to granddad’s room for a check up by the resident GP and cuddle while mummy cleaned her room, we then went back to her room as she wanted to sleep in her little bed.
I didn’t want to leave her on her own in case she was sick again (which she was) so I got her old cot mattress what was in our spare room on top of the wardrobe, pulled it off and hit myself in the head with a falling fan ( I didn’t know that had been up on top of it, and couldn’t see it till it hit me :( )

I then set up a little bed in her room and managed to get a couple of hours sleep, well 3h 51m in total all last night which I know thanks to my Fitbit tracker.
We made our “beds” this morning.

 What do you do when your kids are sick?
Sleep in their room with them or have them in with you?