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Flashback Friday 20/02/15

This weeks Flashback Friday’s picture is this lovely one of Finley dog not long after we got him when he was a puppy.
This was taken on results day in August 2008, and he was about 20 weeks old in this picture.
He is still such a cutie but is now a LOT bigger, but still acts like a puppy at times.
Mummy 2 Monkeys

Flashback Friday 13/02/15

This weeks Flashback Friday picture ( 44/365) was taken last March in a photo shoot we had at limitless photography, we had a great day I had my hair and make up done and we had a lovely photo-shoot. This picture is a lovely one of me with C.

water marked picture 1

It has been photo shopped though, which I’m not a huge fan off.
I did have the original (unphotoshopped) photo’s as well until my computer died and I lost them all along with quite a few others.

Have you ever had a photo-shoot?  

Flashback Friday 30/01/15

This weeks photo isn’t that old but it is a lovely picture that I don’t think I’ve shared as it was taken. This was taken at a photo shoot that C and I had at limitless photography in Manchester early last year.
Unfortunately When my computer crashed last year I thought I had lost all the professional pictures, I am lucky that I have managed to find a few that were saved to my One drive including this lovely picture of C, but none of them are airbrushed and there are non of my with my amazing hair and make up.
Have you every had a professional photo shoot?
Mummy 2 Monkeys

Flashback Fridays 23/01/15

This weeks photo is of me, when I was very young, It is actually my newborn hospital picture.
They came around and took pictures of the babies and decided waking me up was a good idea, It really wasn’t.
I still don’t like being woken up and mum says that I pull this face when I’m annoyed.

279568_10150768383540228_7355769_o (1)

Do you still pull faces you did when you were young?

Mummy 2 Monkeys

Flashback Fridays 16/01/15

IMAG0051This weeks photo was taken in Bluestone national park resort in November 2013, its not too long ago but it was C’s 1st little holiday.

Me, D and C will be returning to Bluestone in a little over a week and I have been thinking about it a lot recently and wonder how different this holiday will be to our last visit.

I’ll be writing all about our trip as well as tweeting and posting instagram pictures while we are there.

Mummy 2 Monkeys

Flashback fridays 09/01/15

This weeks photo was taken when me and a 6 friends from college when on holiday to Newquay, Cornwall in 2007.
It looks like a lovely day but don’t the shorts fool you, it was just before Easter and the water was freezing!

It was a great holiday with some lovely people, shame I haven’t seen any of them in a few years.


I’d love to go back to Newquay again sometime, We had a really great holiday there, but I still have no idea how 5 of us as well as our luggage managed to get there in my tiny Chevrolet Matiz.

Mummy 2 Monkeys