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Busy day

Today is a very busy day, after a broken nights sleep, I have been in work since just after 8am this morning and will be finishing at 2pm. But I don’t get to go home and relax…no I have to go home, pick up C and drop her off with Dan’s lovely auntie who has volunteered to was her.
Then go and pick him up and drive all the way to Coventry.

I bet your wondering what lovely thing means a trip to Coventry, well it’s nothing for me I’m just the chauffer. Dan is going to LAN again and I get to drive him all the way there, with road works and average speed camera’s on the M6.


So today I have to make a 240 mile round trip to drop Dan off so he can CAMP ( :O !!! ) for 5 days.
I personally think they are mental camping in this weather its just too cold!

I’m also meant to finish tonight off with the new hunger games film at the cinema with my best friend, but who knows how long it will take me to get to Coventry and back.
Plus I will need to put C to bed, after not seeing her for nearly the whole day.

Sick to death of spam

I have logged on today to find 75 new comments awaiting approval.
I would love that, to log on and find that 75 people had read and wanted to comment on my blog. That they had taken time to read what I had written and wanted to tell me their thoughts and opinions.
If only that was the case… Continue reading