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NappyKind competition

nkb logo

Last year reviewed some products for Nappykind. NappyKind is an online baby shop who sell leg warmers, hats, and other essential accessories for babies and toddlers.  Legwarmers are a great accessory for cloth bum babies as they help to protect their little legs when crawling, cruising and walking, And allow their pretty nappies to be seen 😀 We love our leggings and slipper socks  and you can read our review here.

I love mama leggings

NappyKind have kindly offered me the chance to run a competition so you, my lovely readers, have the opportunity to win some of their lovely legwarmers for your little rugrats.

So please tell your friends and enter to win some lovely legwarmers.
Take a look at what leg warmers are available here and tell me which ones you love!

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Gullivers world offers

We live about 20 minutes from Gullivers world Warrington. I decided to have a look on their website about opening times and prices to take C soon since the wather is getting nicer.

They currently have some limited offers so I managed to book for me to take her for the day on 12th June for a parent and toddler day using a voucher code meaning that I only had to pay £5 for us both.

They apparently have 100 offers on but for 1 week only!
Why not take a look at the Gullivers world website offer page here and see if there is anything you can take advantage of.

It is years since I have been to Gullivers world, I think i was less than 10 when I last went so I have no idea what is there now, but I am excited to take her and find out.
It has obviously changed alot since then and I know it is aimed at younger children so I hope that C will enjoy it, plus for a £5 it is worth a try.

I will tell you all about our day or what we did or didnt enjoy as soon after 12th June as I can.

If you have taken a toddler there in recent years tell me about your experiance.



Ella’s kitchen food

I was recently selected by Product Testers to test out some Ella’s Kitchen baby foods.

We have tried Ella’s kitchen products a few times in the past and C has loved the “orange one” pouches, We were given a selection of different ones to try. You can read all about our opinions on then here>>>

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Selling on Ebay

Tonight I have been Ebaying!

Well I have started but putting up about 9 items. C has so many clothes and most have hardly been worn, its a waste for them to just be stored away, or worse thrown away. We were so lucky that people have been generous and have bought C lots of clothes but we have limited storage so somethings have to go. I will be keeping some things for the future but not everything. Continue reading

Our babywearing journey so far

Ok lets talk babywearing!

I started babywearing by going to  our local sling library a few times and trying a few different types of carrier when C was a little baby. I borrowed a hoptye, a connecta and a close caboo when she was very little and fell in love with the ease of SSC’s ( soft structure carrier) and bought a Connecta.

Me with a tiny baby C trying out the loan Close Caboo.

Me with a tiny baby C trying out the loan Close Caboo.

I then didn’t return to the library for a while as I had my own carrier that worked for us. I am on a few facebook groups and see all the lovely carriers for sale and trade on my newsfeed. I bought a Ring sling off one of the Facebook groups, but haven’t really used it much as it seems very long and gets uncomfortable after a short while.

trying out the Connecta

trying out the Connecta

Trying out the ringsling

Trying out the ringsling

Once the connecta was getting a little small and not as comfy as it was when she was smaller I looked at what to get next, and had heard lots of good things about Madam Googoo. I ordered a custom Mgg with owls and stars that is totally us!
I love my Madam Googoo carrier, and it really does come in useful for trips to the shops, little walks and around the house. It really is worth the money that I paid for it and I would suggest a MGG to anyone looking for a SSC. 

Recently I have seen a new wrap company called Bloomyloom. They are a relatively new company and have a lovely turquoise coloured wrap with owls on called a Uhu wrap!  I have  only tried a wrap once in the library and liked it although I had my mum with me who pulled a face at me trying a wrap, so i never borrowed one.
I am so tempted by the Bloomyloom Uhu owl wrap, It is totally me. It is our colour and owls but unfortunately I can’t, well i’ve never really learnt to wrap but I want to.

I really really want the Bloomyloom Uhu wrap and there is currently one for sale on one of the baby wearing pages.
It is so tempting!

What is your favourite wrap or sling?
What are you tempted by or looking for?