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Baby and toddler show Manchester 6th-8th March 2015 ticket competition

I have attended the Baby and toddler show in Manchester a couple of times in the past and had some good days out.

It is a great place for any new parents and grandparents or parents and grandparents to be to find our all about new and exciting products as well as a way to get some good deals.

They have a mixture of stalls selling baby clothes, cloth nappies and other essential baby accessories, there are demo’s of new products like pram’s and car seats, and they also have talks from experts about topics related to growth and development.
I found it great for information on local companies and programs that are available in the north-west.

A full list of exhibitors is available here 

I will be attending again this year and hopefully writing a review of all that I see, and want to give you the opportunity to go as well. Continue reading

Emergency information for your car.

One of my friends on Facebook put up a very interesting post a few days ago that really made me think.
It was about the real reason for the “baby on board” or as my dad calls them “fertility signs”, the little plastic window signs that people put on their rear window in cars.

Have you ever wondered why people have them? Continue reading

So are you planning number 2 yet?

This is the major question that I seem to be fielding most recently.
It comes in many different forms and wording, “So are you planning for number 2 yet?”, “Are you feeling broody?”, ” Don’t you think C needs a sibling?”, but the meaning is always the same.

“Don’t you think its time you had another child?”

It seems a common thing that once you have had a child and they get the a certain age that is around 18 months old people start asking when your having more.
I think its a similar thing to getting to a certain age and being in a relationship, people ask when you will get married/ buy a house /have children ( delete as appropriate).

It is just the done thing and the next step that people are expected to take.

So my answer :- Yes I do want to have another child at some point, but right now is not the best time for us.
I have things that I want to do before I expand my family, I want to go back to Uni, I want to get a better paying job, D needs a better paying job as well and we need to move into our own space.
I also need to take D’s opinions into account, weather he want’s more kids or not.

I don’t think we will be ready for another child for a few years at least, but if it should happen sooner then I will be happy.
I have never wanted C to be an only child and have always imagined having more children but what will be will be.

For now I am thankful to have my happy and healthy little girl who I love so much!


Kirkland baby wipes

If there is one thing that is essential when you have a baby its wipes, well nappies are also up there but wipes can be used for a multitude of jobs and not all baby related.
Nappy changes, wiping hands and faces, cleaning tables, wiping up mess, spilt food and drinks, snotty noses, wiping off make up, cleaning away muddy paw prints, the list goes on and on. Continue reading

Baby and toddler show manchester 26th-28th september competition

I have attended the Baby and toddler show in Manchester a couple of times in the past and had some good days out.

They have a mixture of stalls selling baby clothes, cloth nappies and other essential baby accessories, there are demo’s of new products like pram’s and car seats, and they also have talks from experts about topics related to growth and development.
I found it great for information on local companies and programs that are available in the north-west like puddle ducks and Ceramique pottery painting.

I will be attending again this year, and want to give you the opportunity to go as well. Continue reading

haberman cup review*

We were recently sent two cups for C to try out from Haberman. A cow print beaker which is 12 months+ and a 360° toddler cup which is for 18 months+.

wpid-imag0958.jpg wpid-imag0962.jpg

We started out trying the cow print beaker. It is a lovely size cup and very simple to use. It has has a leak proof drinking spout that has a one way valve. C loves it and can easily drink from it, and best for me is that she can’t tip the drink out.


I also love the 360° Sip cup but its 18+ and although i’ve given it to C a couple of times to try she hasn’t really gotten the hang of it yet. 
The design of the 360°  cup has a rubber ring that allows the toddler to sip from the cup but prevents leaks, It’s a brilliant idea and works really well as shown by the short video I took where I tipped it and turned it. You can see the video here on my youtube.


The lid on the 360°  cup is a little difficult to get on and off even for me, so there is no way a child could do it.  The capacity of both cups is 250mls, making them good sizes for toddlers to drink from over a meal or an afternoon out. 
The 360° sip cup comes in 3 different colours – blue, green and red.  
Both cups are also dishwasher safe on the top shelf and microwave safe without the lid on.

The RRP for the 360° sip cup is £5.95, and the RRP for the Cow beaker is £4.99.

I would recommend these cups to anyone with toddlers as they are brilliant, the leakproof designs mean that even if dropped or thrown you don’t have a huge clean up operation on your hands. 

 *Disclaimer – I was then these 2 cups free of charge for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and are unbias*


Selling baby clothes

I cannot believe how many boxes and bags of baby clothes I have that are full to the brim of things that are too small for C now.
Babies grow so quickly and we were so lucky to have so many generous family members, friends and even strangers -people who know someone in our family and wanted to get something for the new baby or make something for the baby.
We were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of generous gifts that we received (and still receive), from clothes and books to knitted blankets and cardigans.

I have been sorting through all the clothes and deciding what to do with it all, so far I have decided that :-

  • I am keeping some bits that I love either for C when she is older to show her.
  • we are keeping some to use for any more babies we have in the future.
  • I’m going to sell some of it, to put towards buying bigger stuff for C.
  • I am also going to give some of it away to friend who are pregnant or to people who will have a good need for it.

Children’s clothes, especially small baby clothes, are usually grown out of before they get much wear at all. So most of the clothes that I have been going through look brand new, a few still had tags on as she had outgrown them before she even got the chance to wear them or they were the wrong season.

I have decided to sell locally on a few Facebook selling pages and have sold a couple of items in the last couple of days.
I did try selling on ebay and  would have eBay’d more of it but when I did put up a few items there just wasn’t the interest in it. It either didn’t sell or sold for pennies. I ended up selling a brand new with tags Next dress for 99p, bargain for the buyer but not really great for me.

sale clothes

I have girls clothes ranging from tiny baby up to 12 month’s in boxes and bags taking up way to much room in the house, and we have even more clothes that she is yet to grow into.
So if you are looking for any girls clothes just let me know lol.

16 months old- she’s a toddler!

This week C became a lively 16 month old, well she has always been a livewire but she turned into a 16 month old.
I’m not actually sure where all the time has gone because she seems to have grown up in the blink of an eye. She has gone from my little baby to a toddler, who seems to be verging on the terrible 2’s a little early!

My mum put it well the other day when we were talking. She said that while your pregnant you are planning for this little baby. So much thought, energy and time go into getting everything prepared for the tiny person that will be coming home so very soon. Those 9 months seem like a lifetime of planning and prepping and painting. The cot, changing table and furniture are all put together, all the clothes are bought and hung up on little tiny hangers, everything is folded and stacked and put in place just waiting for the day they come home. 

But that new baby phase is so short.

Within a matter of weeks the little baby that you gave birth to and brought home is starting to change and move on their own, sit up, crawl or in C’s case go straight to walking. All the tiny little clothes are put away and the bigger ones some out.

That little baby that you planned for isn’t so little and you have a mobile baby, but that stage isn’t very long either and soon enough your “baby” is walking and talking and feeding themselves with a fork.using a fork

They seem to grow up overnight.
Their hair that you thought would never grow when they were littler is starting to get in their eyes and will soon need to be trimmed.


They become mischievous and get their own personalities. They grow and learn and want to explore. They pull the dog’s tail and run away when you chase them, they laugh and smile and have so much fun.

My not so little baby is venturing out and looking at the world she lives in. She loves to interact with her environment and the people around her.
She is pushing boundaries and trying new things.
She is learning.
 She is growing and she is no longer my baby in that sense, she is now My toddler and is growing up to fast for my liking. 

water balloon fun

She has passed so many milestone in her very short life but still has so many more to reach, so much to learn and so much life to enjoy.
I cannot wait to be there for every second of it.




Binky Linky

New shoes!

Ok I know I only posted a few days ago about how I love internet shopping, and that is still true, but some things need to be bought in person and one of those is shoes!

We went to Clarks today to have C’s feet measured and to look at the shoes as their sale started today.
Her feet have gone up a whole size to 4.5 and down in width to an F instead of G fitting.

Nanny ended up buying 3 pairs for C! Continue reading