Wellness dog food review

Anyone who has seen out previous dog food reviews will know that Finley was our hoover dog who used to eat anything and everything ( possibly part of the reason that we lost him earlier this year) while Freddie is a very fussy pedigree pooch.

Freddie has been asked recently to try out a new food that is being stocked by Pets at home it’s called Wellness and is a grain free dog food. It contains no Wheat, Soya, Corn, Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, so is better for your dogs digestive system as they are designed to eat a meat rich diet.

We were sent both wet and dry food as he currently is mix fed, here are our thoughts on Wellness Core dog food.

Wet food 
According to the Pets at home website the wet food it is available in 5 different flavours :-
– CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Beef, Lamb and White Sweet Potatoes.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Chicken, Chicken Liver and Spinach.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Turkey, Duck and White Sweet Potatoes.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Lamb, Turkey and Kale.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Tuna, Chicken and Kale.

We got two each of the chicken and beef flavours, each pot contained a smooth pate with a chunky centre. Freddie really enjoyed both flavours, he couldn’t get enough.
2015-12-30 10.36.02

I really liked the look of it, you could see the meaty chunks and could tell that it was proper meat, and I thought that the portion sizes were good for a dog of his size.

The pack of 4 x 170g is £7.95 so it’s more expensive than our regular dog food and with him needing to eat at least 1 pot a day it would cost us quite a bit to move him to this food full-time.

As it is grain it would be very good for dogs that suffer with allergies or sensitivities.

Dry food 

The Wellness grain free core dry food we received was ocean flavour and Freddie wasn’t so keen on it, he usually has chicken or beef dry food so he took some convincing to try it. I think that if we had tried the original he would have woofed it down (pun intended)

2015-12-30 10.36.14

Over the course of the last  week we mixed this with his old food as is suggested when changing any dog food. He had no problems with it at all.

It was quite small kibble pieces so very easy for a dog of Freddie’s size to eat, even if he wasn’t too keen on the flavour.

2015-12-30 10.37.14

The dry food comes in 4 varieties, Ocean, Original, Reduced fat and Small breed. Like the wet food it is all grain free so good for allergies but is high in proteins so very good for your dogs health.

Again this food is more expensive as it doesn’t contains the grains as fillers so a 1.8kg bag of the Ocean is £12.99 in Pets at home.

Overall I think that Wellness is a well made and though through dog food and would be great for a food sensitive dog.
If Freddie was ever ill I would consider buying this as it contains fewer allergens that could upset him.

 *Disclaimer : – I was sent a free sample of dog food for the purpose of this review, All opinions are my own (well Fred helped on this one) and are unbiased*

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