Mr nutcase phone cover review*

Mr nutcase creates personalised phone and tablet covers for a variety of modern devices. Its a website where you can upload your pictures and create the cover of your choice. to personalise your phone. They have most modern phone and tablets to choose from, simply chose the make and model from the drop down lists then choose either a leather or ultra light weight case.

I chose a ultra lightweight case for a Samsung galaxy 4 mini, They didn’t have my phone to choose as it is an older model so I got one to fit onto my dad’s phone. Since I knew he had been looking for a cover, and I though this would be perfect. My dad loved to show off pictures of Baby C to anyone he see’s so to have a picture of her on the cover of his phone is perfect for him.

you simply chose the layout you want, wether It is a collage of pictures in different styles or just one large one, then positioned your pictures it to fit in the outline on screen.The outlines shows where the cut outs will be meaning that you can choose where things go so you don’t miss bits of the picture out where the holes are positioned.

I chose to have just one picture on my case as the positioning of the camera and speaker holes would have meant cutting out too much of other photos. I positioned my photo where I thought It looked best. I chose a picture of Baby C and also decided to add some text to it. I wrote “I will always hold you hand” .

It was quick and easy to add text with a choice of fonts, positions and orientations for the text. You can also change the background colours and add selected clipart images to the cover.

The delivery was quick and it arrived in a padded envelope and to my surprise also has a screen protector included.

IMAG1148 IMAG1151

As soon as I could I fitted it onto the phone and it fits perfectly. It helps to prevent damage to the phone when it is dropped, Which happens alot when the baby wants to play with it, and also by my dad when he leaves it on the arm of the couch and knocks it off.

The cost of this ultra lightweight cover is £14.95, the cost of a leather flip style cover for the samsung galaxy s4 mine would have been £19.95. In my opinion this product is definitely worth the money. It both protects and brightens what would otherwise be a boring phone cover.

Since I got this for my dad’s phone both my mum and boyfriend now want one for theirs.

*Disclaimer- I was provided with a code to get this product for free for the purpose of this review. Everything written is my own unbiased  opinions *

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