GoCustomized Phone case review*

Anyone who has a phone now-a-day’s knows that the case can also be an extension of your personality with the array of personalised items available on the market we are spoilt for choice.

I recently invested in a new phone cover and tablet slip from www.gocustomized.co.uk to protect the technology that gets thrown into my back, slipped into pockets, dropped and generally manhandled on a daily basis.

I ordered a HTC One M8 Personalised phone case ( The Hard case, Full wrap one) I decided to personalise it with a photo of C walking Freddie.
I liked the website set up, it is very user friendly as you are able to upload multiple photo’s and view them on the outline which makes it easy to see if it will work or not. I found that a lot of photographs don’t fit because of the whole in the case for the camera and flash.

12064291_10207722051317487_1653222160_n 12077376_10207722042637270_1930572145_n

My phone is also my main camera so I had to borrow dad’s phone to snap these photo’s of it. You can see that it is thin and protects around the edge of the phone as well as the whole of the back without being cumbersome. The finish is matt and smooth, its lovely to hold and doesn’t feel slippy.

It seems very tough and hard wearing with no marks or scratches appearing even after a week of use, including being dropped and throw into bags etc.

I also bought a Samsung galaxy tab 4 cover at the same time as my phone case, also personalised, this time I chose a photo from our Florida trip last year of my mum and me in front of the castle, this was a memory maker photo and we had added the Tinkerbell and words the photo before uploading to the site.

wpid-imag4973_1.jpgIf you would like to make your own phone case why not pop over and take a look, they have covers to fit most makes and models of phone as well as tablet cases.

* Disclaimer – I was given the phone case for the purpose of this review, all opinions on the products featured are my own and unbiased.* 

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