Our day at the Ultimate Christmas fair Liverpool

Liverpool is a great and vibrant city, the new exhibition centre near to the Albert dock is a great venue which hosts a variety of concerts and shows.
This weekend it is home to The Ultimate Christmas Fair  and mum and I were lucky enough to be invited along to see it for ourselves.

We arrived not long after it opened, It has lovely decorations and had a stroll around having a look at everything, while listening to live Christmas music.

There is a great selection of fashion, gifts, as well as food and drink. It took us a good couple of hours to look around properly, chat to the stall holders, try some of the products and see what there was on offer.
We always look around first and take pictures of the names and locations of stalls that we want to return too, its an easy way to remember.
We then went and had lunch in the restaurant in the fair, its called no 10 South dock. Lunch was amazing, and I would suggest trying to go if you can get a table.
There is a set menu with 3 choices of each starter, main and dessert.
We chose to have 2 courses, I had the ham hock bon-bon’s and the Turkey Wellington, and mum chose Soup then cod, Which was under £50 for both of us including water and diet Pepsi’s.

wpid-wp-1448644513740.jpeg wpid-wp-1448644468748.jpeg


All the food was amazing and I would have licked my plate if i was at home!

While we were in the restaurant, I wrote out a list of places we wanted to return to, to buy things, it was about 10 stalls long.
We came home with a few things:-

  •  A footstool from 8A king street interiors
  • Cupcakes and cheesecakes from Mat & Kar- The cakes from here are lovely, we got 2 cupcakes – Carrot cake and raspberry, and 2 cheese cakes – White chocolate and caramel for £7.50.
  • Mince pies from the Knowsley community college stall.
  • Salmon From Bleikers smokehouse – 5 for £10 and a good selection of different types, so a great offer.
  • White Chocolate Vodka and Passionfruit Gin from The Tipsy Tart. the bottles were 2 for £22 and mum also got some filled baubles 4 for £20.
  • Honey From The Wiltshire Bee Keeper – They sold honey, pollen, candles and loads more.
  • Cheese from Montadito – its like Brie but a little different and Spanish.
  • Lemon and Lime curd from cottage delights – These were 2 for £5 and taste lovely, cant wait to bake with them.

 There are also a couple of charities running raffles ( Support our hero’s)  and taking donations. A Stevenson brother’s rocking horse is being auctioned off on eBay for Alder hey children’s hospital and is on display at the show.
wpid-imag5305.jpg wpid-imag5291.jpg

If you are free this weekend I would definitely go and see it for yourself, it really is worth the price of the ticket.

* Disclaimer – I was given the tickets to attend free of charge,  but all opinions are unbias*

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