Back to work tomorrow.

Just a quick post to say that I am back to work tomorrow and on a long day 8.30am till 7pm, after spending the last 3 and a half weeks off on sick leave recovering for surgery.
I’m excited to go back but I will miss C as I have been able to spend quality time with her while I’ve been off.
This will also mean that I will hopefully get back to blogging, I tend to be able to blog more when I’m working as strange as it seems. When I’m at home I have an active 2 year old, a dog and a million things to do. When i’m in work, although I do have jobs to do, I also get breaks and free time between booking in patients, helping the doctors and faxing over forms to be able to research posts, write notes and type posts.

I haven’t really felt like blogging while I’ve been on sick leave and with everything that has happened in our family. Two of my grandparents where hospitalized, at separate times but both are thankfully now home and recovering. My mum and Auntie Ann were meant to go to London on the 19th but didn’t want to go as My grandad was in hospital, they insisted that I went on the weekend away with my best friend as I needed to get away and enjoy myself after the surgery and break up. They had paid for it (Hotel, 1st class return train tickets, show tickets) and didn’t want it to go to waste, I will write about that weekend sometime this week and share some pictures of our fab weekend.

I’ll say bye for now as I really should get some sleep

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