On the twelfth day of parenting….Father Christmas is on his way

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So here we go, day twelve!!!
We made it!!!!!
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On the twelth day of parenting….Father Christmas is on his way

We finally made it!!!!!

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Well on with my post…

Happy Christmas eve!
So tonight the big man himself arrives to bring our bundles of joy their gifts.
Have they been good?
Does it matter anymore?

This probably one of the busiest days in the year for parents, I know it is for me.
As you have to do all the everyday stuff such as feed, dress and entertain your kids all while making sure that preparations for the big day are sorted.
I always have a list as long as my arm left on Christmas eve, all I can say is that I’m thankful that at least this year it doesn’t involve building a toy kitchen that took HOURS!

Here is how my day hopefully will run:-

  • Get up MEGA early to go last minute food shopping for fresh things like French sticks at about 6 am with my mum, leaving the hopefully still sleeping toddler in the sort of capable hands of her uncle ( also probably sleeping)
  • Get home, unpack, change into uniform and leave again.
  • Get work for 8.30am until 2pm.
  • at 9am on the dot go to the butchers for meat ( i’m lucky that my supervisor will let me nip out as its round the corner)
  • Go home to do my list of last minute things, make food for Christmas day etc.
  • Go to Costco to pick up platters.
  • Dropping off presents and food for Christmas day at Granddad’s. ( unless mum gets my cousin Ste to do it)
  • Open Christmas eve box with C
  • Picky bits tea in the evening with the family and my best friend.
  • Change beds.
  • Bathtime
  • Try and get overexcited toddler to sleep.
  • Load car with presents for the next morning.
  • Drink!
  • Get out C’s presents and arrange them in the livingroom.
  • Bedtime!

Hopefully I will get at least a few hours sleep as if you have read my other #12daysofparenting posts you will know that Christmas day is a busy one for use.

Merry Christmas!!!
to you and all your loved ones!

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