On the tenth day of parenting….Parenting in December

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So here we go, day ten!
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On the tenth day of parenting….Parenting in December

To me with my limited parenting knowledge, well i’ve only been at it for 3 years, parenting in December seems to be completely different from any other time of the year as you have the help of Father Christmas and his elves to encourage your kids to be good.

Each morning when our elf Happy comes back from his trip to the north pole he brings a chocolate coin if C was a good girl the day before because Father Christmas sent it with him as a reward for her.


At nearly 3 I believe that she can understand the consequences of her actions, and that not being good means not getting an extra treat. The start of December until Christmas is a long time for a child the using the bluff of not getting presents will be easily forgotten by such a small person.

Now it doesn’t always work but I am a true believer is sticking to your word, so don’t tell my daughter something that I wouldn’t do. So I tell her that if she isn’t good then Father Christmas will put her on the naughty list, and that means that Happy won’t bring her a chocolate coin when he comes back from his nightly visit.

Threatening that Father Christmas won’t bring her any toys seems a little silly as I know she will get them (and she has only asked for one thing off FC this year ) and it mean’s that I lied to her, which I don’t want to do.

What do you tell your kids?
Do you use Father Christmas to encourage good behaviour? 

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