Passport worries!

We are flying out in a little over 13 weeks, and C is currently the only member of the family without a valid passport.

I read a news report this morning about the delays in the passport office and how they currently have over 500,000 applications to process.

So this afternoon I will be going to get C’s passport pictures taken, hopfulyl she will co-operate and have a lovely picture. Then I will send a while completing her passport application to send off.  

I know 13 weeks seems like plenty of time but I know that it will fly by and I want to be prepared sooner rather than feeling rushed.

My parents are currently on holiday in Norway and ended up having to get emergency passport appointments to be able to go as they didn’t realise that you needed 6 clear months on passports for Norway.
It’s an expensive mistake to make as they had to pay over £128 each for their passports.

I will hopefully get away with only paying £46-ish for C’s passport as long as I get my butt into gear and send off the forms ASAP.

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