Emergency information for your car.

One of my friends on Facebook put up a very interesting post a few days ago that really made me think.
It was about the real reason for the “baby on board” or as my dad calls them “fertility signs”, the little plastic window signs that people put on their rear window in cars.

Have you ever wondered why people have them?

Now until this week I didn’t know the reason for them, I though it was a decoration, something cute to have in the window or to warn other drivers to be careful but they supposedly have a much more important purpose, to let emergency services know that there may be a child in the car in the event of an accident.
I have no clue how true that information is, but it did make me think about what would happen if I ever had an accident and God forbid I was unable to tell the emergency services any of C’s details and who needed to be contacted.

I have been meaning to do a In Case of Emergence (I.C.E) information sheet for my car for a while but kept forgetting or putting it off. I know I needed on so that they have C’s information if there is ever an accident involving her as she isn’t able to tell them any helpful information yet.

I have typed out a sheet containing her name, DOB, Address, medical information and GP information as well as both mine and her dad’s contact information and contact numbers for all her grandparents.

I will also attach a photograph so that they know that it is her.
I’m going to put the letter in an envelope in the glove box and put stickers on her car seat to let any emergency services know that is where they can locate the information.
I know some people write it on stickers on the car seat but I don’t want the information visible to anyone who looks through the window of the car, and because her car seat swivels it might be easily visible.

Do you have I.C.E Stickers or information sheets in your car?

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