Selling baby clothes

I cannot believe how many boxes and bags of baby clothes I have that are full to the brim of things that are too small for C now.
Babies grow so quickly and we were so lucky to have so many generous family members, friends and even strangers -people who know someone in our family and wanted to get something for the new baby or make something for the baby.
We were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of generous gifts that we received (and still receive), from clothes and books to knitted blankets and cardigans.

I have been sorting through all the clothes and deciding what to do with it all, so far I have decided that :-

  • I am keeping some bits that I love either for C when she is older to show her.
  • we are keeping some to use for any more babies we have in the future.
  • I’m going to sell some of it, to put towards buying bigger stuff for C.
  • I am also going to give some of it away to friend who are pregnant or to people who will have a good need for it.

Children’s clothes, especially small baby clothes, are usually grown out of before they get much wear at all. So most of the clothes that I have been going through look brand new, a few still had tags on as she had outgrown them before she even got the chance to wear them or they were the wrong season.

I have decided to sell locally on a few Facebook selling pages and have sold a couple of items in the last couple of days.
I did try selling on ebay and  would have eBay’d more of it but when I did put up a few items there just wasn’t the interest in it. It either didn’t sell or sold for pennies. I ended up selling a brand new with tags Next dress for 99p, bargain for the buyer but not really great for me.

sale clothes

I have girls clothes ranging from tiny baby up to 12 month’s in boxes and bags taking up way to much room in the house, and we have even more clothes that she is yet to grow into.
So if you are looking for any girls clothes just let me know lol.

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