New shoes!

Ok I know I only posted a few days ago about how I love internet shopping, and that is still true, but some things need to be bought in person and one of those is shoes!

We went to Clarks today to have C’s feet measured and to look at the shoes as their sale started today.
Her feet have gone up a whole size to 4.5 and down in width to an F instead of G fitting.

Nanny ended up buying 3 pairs for C!

  1. A pair of Constance Eve shoes in hot pink
    These are very pretty shoes with a metal fastener which will help prevent little miss C from removing them at will. They have a pink sparkly heart and glittery silver star on the front so are perfectly girly.
    These cost us £18 today.wpid-wp-1402952030056.jpeg wpid-wp-1402952035740.jpeg
  2. A pair of Giggle jog trainers.
    These are lovely little trainers that are hot pink and have flowers on the side that light up and flash as C walks. They are velcro fastening so are easily removed by my 15 month old but are great for running.
    They cost us £18 today, down from £28.
    wpid-wp-1402952023109.jpeg wpid-wp-1402952015534.jpeg wpid-wp-1402952007646.jpeg
  3. A pair of Dance joy shoes.
    These are again hot pink and so cute! They have a cute little boy on the front and have a velcro strap closure. C wore these out of the shop and they ended up on the floor of the car every time they were put back on.
    These cost £15, down from £25.

Again today C was spoilt (Thank you nanny!) but at least these should last a couple of months and be well loved.


We have booked an appointment to have her feet measured again on 11th August. I didn’t know that you could book appointments to have childrens feet measure in Clarks, Did you?
I think It’s a great idea to make an appointment to save waiting around for ages.

 What do you think of her shoes?

10 thoughts on “New shoes!

    1. admin Post author

      thank you, I always love the boys choices more than girls in things. I think it depends what you have you always love the opposite lol

    1. admin Post author

      I know they do, so much choice it makes it hard to choose. Thats why we ended up with 3 pairs! lol

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you, The appointment is a great idea especially as we are next due i nthe run up to schhol returns so people will be going in to get school shoes and it will save waiting around. They also text you to remind you of your appointment the day before


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