It’s been way to long, so quickest catch up ever.

We are well into the new year and I haven’t posted in so long, Life has just been too busy.

I’ve been on placement as a student nurse so had even less time than usual, 13 hour shifts are a killer and then I have life to catch up with on my days off.
I’ve got uni work and essays to do plus resit exams to do as I was ill over the exam period in December.

C is just amazing, so no change there then. She will be turning 4 next week and I honestly cant believe that she is that old already.
I put the application for school in last month so we are waiting to see where she will get a place, Fingers crossed its in the school at the end of the road.

My relationship is still going strong, been together nearly 8 months now and we are very happy.

Not much else to report at the moment, going to try blogging more again but I’m not sure how much time I will have.

Life got in the way…so here is October

I’m sorry that I’ve taken such a long gap in writing but life and uni have well and truly take over.
I don’t seem to have a spare second to think at the moment with lectures, assignments, clinical skills labs and exams to study for, on top of looking after C.

My parents were away on holiday for most of October so I didn’t have the support I usually do from them meaning I had even less time, although she did go to stay at her dad’s for half term week meaning I could concentrate on uni work a little more.

C has been amazing through all the recent change of me starting uni as well her days in nursery going up to two full days and one morning. I cant believe how grown up she is now.

so I should catch you up on what we have been up to over the last month or so.

 October started with me and my best friend Danii hopping in the car one Friday evening and travelling to London to see the Happy potter and the cursed child play on the Saturday!

if you get a chance you need to see it, #keepthesecret
We had booked the tickets nearly a year before so had been waiting a long time for it.

In the middle of October Sam and I took C to crazy golf for the 1st time, she wasn’t overly impressed and I think it was a bit much for her at only 3 and 3/4, but I got some cute videos of her trying to hit the ball.

Then we started to get ready for Halloween 😀
We painted paper plates to make pumpkins for the windows. C loves to paint so it was a great activity and kept her entertained for a little while.
wpid-wp-1478893940755.jpg wpid-wp-1478893804068.jpg

C and I went pumpkin picking to church hall farm not too far from Liverpool. I was a cold but lovely day and I got some of my favourite pictures of C this year, her playing in the hay and jumping about having fun.
We got 4 lovely pumpkins to carve ( 3 for home and one for her dad’s house)
C rode on a donkey, and had loads of fun running on the bales of hay.
wpid-wp-1478894203471.jpg wpid-wp-1478894203459.jpgwpid-wp-1478894072490.jpg


I love this picture :D

I love this picture :D

Afterwards we went to MacDonald’s for tea and C had a lovely rainbow painted on her face.


C has started swimming lessons and already achieved her duckling award 1 😀 she loves swimming, and is already trying to do it alone ( she’s not quite there yet thought)

We carved our pumpkins for Halloween

and decorated outside the house, making a “crime scene” using chalk

Then on Halloween C got to wear her costume to nursery before trick or treating in the evening, she chose to be a pirate this year. She loved trick or treating, running to the houses on her own ( while me and danii waited at the end of the path) saying ” trick or treat” and ” happy Halloween”

She got so many sweets that she doesn’t need to buy more till next year!

Oh and in big news after waiting over 3 years I FINALLY have a new bed, It’s a king size ottoman style so plenty of accessible storage and is so comfy 😀

October was a fun month!!!

My parents returned from holiday at the start of November and I have been busy with lectures and writing assignments that are due this month, one 3500 word essay as well as a 1500 word annotated bibliography, both due on the 25th November.

I promise to update more as I am mainly keeping this as an online diary so C can see what she did and liked when she was younger, and so family can see what we have been up too.


Back to nursery

We arrived back from holiday yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to blog while away as I had no real internet connection on my laptop or tablet but I did post some pictures on our Instagram and facebook pages, hopefully I will get some time to write about our break this week as C is back in nursery.

Today was C’s 1st day back into nursery so of course that means the obligatory 1st day photo 😀
I personally love these photo’s and love to look back at the ones my parents took on our 1st days of school.

So here it is C’s 1st day of Preschool ( nursery) 2016



Front door


Today was her first full day in nursery as last year she only did mornings, I chose to send her for 2 full days and one half day this year for a couple of reasons.
1) I am going back to be a student so will be in uni or on placement most of every week.
2) As a form of childcare because it would be too much for my mum to have her everyday.
3) To help her get used to longer days before she starts school next year.
4) she is a social child and loves to play with other kids, so nursery is a great place for her to interact with other kids and learn as well.

I’ve just been to pick her up and she loved it 😀 she played in home corner with the dolls, had outdoor play and got messy with playdough.


Time to wash her uniform for tomorrow, I think I’m going to have to buy some more uniform tops as her others are too small, I have a couple of skirts and a pinafore so that’s no problem.

The Safe Style conservatory saga

This summer my parents decided to replace the conservatory on our house as it was over 25 years old and starting to fail.
One of the windows were buckled and there were holes in the roof from where my y9onger brother had thrown cigarettes out of his window in his youth.
It wasn’t being used as it was too cold in winter and too hot in summer, so useless except for drying washing on hot days.

They had a few quotes and decided to go with Safe Style, a well known and reputable company.
The surveyor came, measured up and they said they would come to fit it in August.

On the 15th they arrived to start, unloaded all the new parts, and took down the old wooden conservatory, taking out the sils, in preparation to fit our new shiny UPVC conservatory. wpid-wp-1472126535623.jpg wpid-wp-1472126547283.jpg wpid-wp-1472126557493.jpg

They worked hard and then the first problem arose, they started by fitting the doors and the measurements didn’t add up, the doors and the window highs didn’t match they were a whopping 110mm out!

They had to stop work and call the office, another surveyor would be out that evening and they made it water tight until then.


The surveyor came and checked the measurements and called into the office. He talked on the phone for a while and I heard phrases such as “We can just put on a bigger flashing” and ” we can make do with the windows that are already made”. To be honest he did sound convincing when he then told us that the main conservatory was fine its just the doors that need to be remade and that they would be back the following day to put up what they could.
The doors would be ordered the following morning on a rush and fitted on Saturday ( This was Monday)

Tuesday came and so did a phone call to say that the men were sick and they wouldn’t be coming till Wednesday. Ok that is no ones fault as you just can’t help being ill sometimes, its life.

The same to fella’s came back on Wednesday and did put up what they could. One of the roof glass panes were broken so they put in a piece of wood, instead and still no doors. They had to give up In the afternoon as the rain got to be too heavy.

The main frame was up but no where near completed. The plaster and brickwork had been left it open to the elements.

Saturday came and went with no one showing up to finish work, mum called on Monday this week to see what the plan was only to be told they would call back on Tuesday, but Tuesday came and no phone call.

We were out on Wednesday, I had to taking my granddad to hospital appointment, while my mum was sitting with my nan, so didn’t have time to call again.

On Wednesday evening someone from Safe Style happened to be knocking on doors in the road and knocked on ours, he asked if we were thinking of getting our windows done soon as ” they obviously hadn’t been done for a few years”. I said we were actually waiting for Safe style to come back and finish the conservatory they had started a week before and we were still waiting, so I wouldn’t be thinking about using them.

Today again we waited, Mum called again and we were again told that they needed to talk to someone in the depot, and that someone would need to call us back tomorrow.

Fingers crossed that we do get a phone call or even better someone out to finish the job that they starte and have had a vast amount of money for already.

For a big company such as Safe Style you would think that they would make customer satisfaction a higher priority.

This is what we have currently been left with

Our summer holidays…so far

It’s nearly half way through the summer holidays but they havent really been that different for me as a parent as I have still been working until recently. I finished work last week as I’m going to start my Nursing degree in September, i’ve left a few weeks early to spend time with C and have a little holiday in Towyn wales at the end of the month with her and Sam.

C hasnt been in nursery as she goes to a term time nursery so my mum and other family members have been stepping in to look after her.

We have done a few things up to now this summer …

Greenacres animal park, Deeside

C and I went to Greenacres animal park in Deeside with a few friends and their kids a few weeks ago. The kids loved seeing the animals, touching a few in the pets corner area like snakes, rabbits and feeding baby goats.

The fair rides weren’t the greatest but they kids liked them, even if they got bored waiting for one of the 3 attendants that were operating all the rides.

The weather was fabulous and all the kids really got on well 😀

 wpid-wp-1471941686739.jpg wpid-wp-1471941703254.jpg wpid-wp-1471941719851.jpg wpid-wp-1471941737588.jpg wpid-wp-1471941753494.jpg wpid-wp-1471941787832.jpg

Fun in the park.

A few times we have been over to the park for a play in the play area. C loves it and makes new friends everytime ( although I tent to only take photo’s of her as I wouldn’t like people taking pictures of her without my permission)

She never wants to leave but is always too tired to walk home lol

wpid-wp-1471941897205.jpg wpid-wp-1471941910320.jpg wpid-wp-1471941918627.jpgwpid-wp-1471960839239.jpg

Break out

Sam and I try to do something just us two on or around the 20th of the month he planned last months date night so I got to plan this month.

I took him to Break out in Liverpool to do the room Classified  this was his 1st time but the second time I had been. ( read about my last time here)

I’m not telling you what happens in the room but it included a lot of locks and some very ingenious hiding places. We had a great time and managed to break out with 4 minutes 9 seconds to go ( with a little help from the lovely lady behind the tv screen)


Playtime at home!

wpid-wp-1471941881658.jpg wpid-wp-1471941983604.jpg wpid-wp-1471941864464.jpg

We have played, tried on holiday clothes and explored the house and garden 😀


This summer C has been to a couple of Birthday parties, we have had meals out with family and friends and of course donuts 😀 all a child’s favourite things.

This is C at a family meal with an adult’s chocolate cake….her uncle Ste got her kids one :p


Exploring our city ( for free!) 

We had a love day out last week, even though the weather was rubbish we decided to go on a day out and explore Liverpool.

Sam, C and I all got up and dressed, had some breakfast then drove into town.

We parked in St johns then went into the shopping centre, there was a new food place opening up in the food court called Doughocracy that was offering free Pizza on Friday and £1 pizza on Saturday and Sunday. We queued for a while (45 mins) for free pizza, and it was worth it. pizza was a 10″ create your own type and cooked in about 3 minutes.


We ate then went to Dunkin’ Donuts were we got a box of a dozen to take to our friend later that night. C had once while we were there as she seem to have a second “sweet” stomach and no matter how full she is she still has room for dessert lol


After that we went to the world museum, starting at the top we worked our way from dinosaurs to the natural world, colours to the aquarium. C loved to look at everything and even got to try on some dress up ( so did I because Sam put it on my head while I was helping C and too ka sneeky picture).

wpid-wp-1471942040357.jpg wpid-wp-1471942053040.jpg wpid-wp-1471942060712.jpg wpid-wp-1471942077047.jpg wpid-wp-1471942087492.jpg

We go on holiday in a week so will have a ton more pictures then. I hope to get back into blogging more after the holidays as it is a little difficult to get things done with a 3 year old, plus a new relationship.

Once everything is settled and I start at uni I will try and blog on here and on my student one at least once a week.

4 weeks notice :D

Well I handed in my 4 weeks notice to work last week.
As of the 18th August I will be off for a month before I start Uni as a full time nursing student.
Summer holidays here I come 😀

I will be spending time with C before she goes back to nursery as we will be upping her hours and she will be going for 2 and a half days a week.

I’m currently looking for a last minute holiday somewhere for us to go on, Do you have any suggestions?
Looking at the last week in August/ start of September, somewhere that isn’t to far to travel ( from home in Liverpool) but with things to do.

I’m also looking at doing some day trips and visiting some local attractions like the museum and possibly the zoo.

I will also be sorting out things in the house, getting everything clean and tidy. I know that once i’m at uni then I wont be able to help around the house as much and that my mum will have c a lot more on her own so it will be harder to keep on top of all the household chores.

I want to use some of the time once C is back in nursery to sort out her room, maybe put her bed from toddler sized into the next stage and get rid of some of the babyish toys and things in there.
If I can make the room into a good space for her to play and relax. As i’m sure she will be becoming more independent as she grows older and be able to play on her own.
I also want to encouraging her so get dressed on her own and tidy up after herself so reorganising her room will help with that.

What are you top tips for kids bedrooms? 

Date night

Last night was mine and Mr J’s 1 month anniversary since our 1st date.
He had told me to keep the 20th free and he had planned a date for us but wouldn’t tell me what it was. Although he told both my best friend and my mum which I though was a little unfair.

So yesterday afternoon I got dressed up in a dress.  Seriously those who know me will know that i’m not a dress kind of girl (except for very special occasions), and did my hair and make up ready for my surprise date.

I met Mr J at central station in Liverpool at 5pm and we had a little walk around the shops. I went into Primark and bought some new shoes as the ones that I had chosen to wear had given me a blister, rookie mistake I know but I generally live in flipflops and sketchers but had been banned from either of those and i’m no longer used to wearing my “going out” shoes as it’s been years. I found a pretty pair that went with my dress.


We then wandered back to the station and boarded the train towards Hunt’s cross.


I still didn’t have a clue as to where we were going to it was all a surprise for me.
We got off the train at St Michael’s station and walked through to Lark lane. Lucky for us the weather was holding out but had cooled down a bit.


I then had a choice of where I wanted to eat, after a short walk along the road looking at menu’s we chose to eat in Al Dente, a sort of Mediterranean/ Italian fusion sort of restaurant.

They have a lovely outside courtyard that has covered seating and we chose to eat out there. The staff were all very friendly and attentive, the food was delicious. I chose the chicken and mushroom tagliatelle although I don’t remember seeing any mushrooms in it, the pasta was perfect and the sauce was creamy but not to heavy. Mr J ordered a mixed kebab that also looked lovely.

wpid-wp-1469098728542.jpg wpid-wp-1469098728468.jpg

We also shared a side of the mozzarella pockets, which is mozzarella cheese enclosed in pizza dough with a garlic dip.


We ordered dessert too and I got a fabulous homemade tiramisu and Mr J got cheesecake.

wpid-wp-1469099344114.jpg wpid-wp-1469099344121.jpg

I would definitely recommend trying Al Dente to anyone who’s around Lark lane and hungry. Although unless you want a blue tongue avoid the Blue Lagoon cocktail


After food we had a wander back down Lark lane towards the park, got a couple of pokestops ( Yes I play Pokemon Go) and went into the Lodge for a cocktail.

I got a Zombi and Mr J got a long island ice tea, they were very strong and missing the puree as they didn’t have any, but delicious non the less.

wpid-wp-1469098728185.jpg wpid-wp-1469098728222.jpg

We walked back to the station, and I managed to get very wet feet by stepping on something that attacked me with water.

In town we went to Roxy’s, which is a pool bar and again we got cocktail ( I was spoilt 😀 ) Can you guess which was mine?

wpid-wp-1469098728186.jpg wpid-wp-1469098728224.jpg

We sat on the rooftop terrace and enjoyed the lovely evening weather.
Mr J then asked if I wanted to go to one of the casino’s in town?

I’d never been to a casino so I though I might as well finish the night trying something new. It was really fun, we only stayed about 30 mins. I put £10 onto my card to use and walked out with £35 so my 1st time in a casino was a good one.

Overall it was a fantastic date, we have decide to make it a regular thing and try to do something on the 20th of each month, I think I should plan a surprise for Mr J next month 😀

Thank you again for a fab night out Mr J xxx

summer is here…

Sorry I’ve been very quiet lately, I’ve had a bit going on in my life generally and time seems to be passing by too quickly.

I have a new boyfriend, although at 27 years old the word boyfriend sounds a little childlike. He is lovely, so kind and thoughtful and he gets on great with my family and friends. I’ll Call him Mr J for now as i’m not sure that he will want me to talk about him, I don’t think he’s found my blog yet although I could be very wrong. ( Hi if you have found me)
It’s only been a month but it feels like i’ve know him for years and we get on so well.

I still need to meet his family and friends properly as we just havnt seemed to find the time to meet up with them yet.

Me and C went on a fantastic holiday in Towyn, North Wales at the end of last month with Danii and my cousin Ste as well.  We had loads of visitors and got to have a catch up with friends, new and old. We made the most of a wet caravan holiday (took me back to childhood 😀 ) playing in the arcade and jumping in puddles.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the week.

We made a flag :D

We made a flag :D

Frozen frustration!

Frozen frustration!

Missing their friend :'(

Missing their friend :'(

The play area, who cares about a little water!

The play area, who cares about a little water!

I can see you!

I can see you!

Just had to be done ;)

Just had to be done ;)

On the Ferris wheel.

On the Ferris wheel.



This next one is my favourite thanks to a little filter 😀


Don’t they just look so cute! not a care in the world, just looking out at the sea.

C breaks up from nursery on Thursday then the real fun begins, 6 weeks with no school! Although I still have work :( so I need to sort the babysitting list out.
My mum is my usual childcare but she isn’t too well at the moment so roped Mr J in as emergency childcare for today. ( didn’t I tell you he was good, think I got lucky with him) need to try and sort something else out though for other days.

I have also started a separate blog about my journey to becoming in nurse as I start my training in just 2 months time, I will be posting on Not Just a student nurse so pop over and have a little look and give me some love over there.

I’m going to try blogging more to keep a journal of the years if nothing more.

Love to all, Ellie

Family is everything

Scrolling through my Facebook news feed while in work today ( shhh don’t tell anyone i had my phone out 😀 ) and this quote came up…


and I had to share it with you as it got me thinking.

For the 1st time in a while it’s inspired me to write. I stopped because I just didn’t feel as if I had the words to say anything interested and didn’t just want to write for the sake of it. So i took a break.

This quote as well as something about my grandparents that my cousin Stephen shared a few days ago really hit home. ( i’ll see if i can share his post on my facebook page if you want to see it)

Family really is everything. 

I’m very lucky that I have a close family, ever since I can remember we have got to see my grandparents at weekends, mum’s family on a Saturday and we used to go to my dad’s parents on a Sunday until they moved to Wales. It was routine, as a child you take it all for granted, that’s just what we did.
We are still one of those families who all go to my Nan’s on a Saturday and see each other for a few hours. We celebrate birthdays and Christmas’ together, go on holidays and trips.

As I’m getting older, and have a daughter of my own I realise how important your family is and how quickly time passes.
As a kid the summer holidays seemed like 6 long weeks, that lasted forever, As an adult you realise that it goes quicker than you think, the last 6 months seems to have passed in the blink of an eye.

Looking back on my time-hop I see how much C is changing over the years but I also see how other family members are getting older.

My nanny Annie ( my mum’s mum) isn’t very well at the moment, 3 years ago we were told she wouldn’t last the night and although she is still with us her health is deteriorating, she is suffering from dementia.

I saw a picture of her 2 years ago on my time-hop, even though she had been through so much and should have been here, she looked healthy.  She had an appetite, she loved to laugh and joke with us, she could easily join in with our family chats and enjoyed it all. It makes me sad to see how quickly a diseases like Alzheimer’s can take a person that you love away, even when they are still sat in the room with you.

Two years ago

my grandparents 61 years ago on their wedding day

 my grandparents 61 years ago on their wedding day

now :-My granddad looking after my nan

now :-My granddad looking after my nan

My Nan is still here, my amazing granddad looks after her even though he is 83 and his health isn’t what it used to be.
We all still go on a Saturday and see them during the week too.
We get them shopping and take them to their appointments.




The saying ” It takes a village” is usually applied to looking after and raising kids but I think it means the family as a whole, looking after and supporting each other, celebrating and  commiserating together.

We lost my Pops, ( Granddad John, my dad’s dad) last September, he also suffered from dementia. We didn’t get to see them as much when they moved to wales in the early 2000’s but when his condition worsened and he was no longer able to remain at home being looking after by my Nan, he was moved to St Luke’s care home in Runcorn, we were able to visit more regularly. It was lovely seeing Charlotte getting to know her great-grandparents.

C is really very lucky, up until September she had all 8 great grandparents, as well as 4 grandparents and loads of great aunties and uncles, auntie’s and uncles’, and cousins ( various times removed).

 Even though she is the only little person in the proverbial village, she helps to take care of everyone just as much as any adult does.
Her spirit, her smiles and laughter, her joy are what my granddad Eddie calls ” his medicine” she helps to keep us all young as we watch her get older.

So many times I have said to her ” please stop growing” and she always answers ” No, i’m going to get bigger and bigger”.

I’m just happy that we have so many lovely photo’s to look back at and remember when we were all younger 😀